An English Labour MP does not politicise child deaths in hospital

From BBC Tees yesterday:

A care watchdog has begun a review into hospital deaths involving two children on Teesside.

The North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust reported the deaths as serious incidents and carried out its own investigation, the Local Democracy Reporting Service has learnt.

A review is now being carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

No details of the circumstances surrounding the deaths, or whether they are connected have been released.

The most recent CQC report on the trust – which operates hospitals in Stockton and Hartlepool, rated it as being “good” overall.

It is now conducting a review of events and the actions taken by the trust in connection with the deaths, which happened over the 2019-20 period.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, whose constituency includes the trust’s main hospital the University Hospital of North Tees, said he had been briefed by trust officials over the matter.

He said: “There was a full internal and external investigation and the CQC are reviewing everything that happened at that time as the protocol requires.

There were two child deaths and all processes were followed.

“The issue is whether or not the decisions that were taken originally were correct and that is the routine review that is going on now.”

Cunningham is a member of the same party as Anas Sarwar MSP but he clearly starts from a position of trust in the hospital, has not contacted the parents to mount a creepy media campaign attacking the trust or to call for the head of the Health Secretary.

In the context of Scotland’s constitutional debate, Sarwar’s agenda is very different from even an opposition politician in Tory England, where the hospital faces tremendous risk of underfunding and privatisation:

In Scotland, a comparable issue in a hospital has been used to groom and deceive traumatised parents and, with the BBC, to mount a now three year-long media campaign, to unseat two health secretaries, to undermine the FM, to sack the board and to panic the local population.

Regardless, Labour languish at 3rd in the polls.

The contrast with Teeside Labour and, as often illustrated here, with Welsh Labour could not be sharper nor more sickening.

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2 thoughts on “An English Labour MP does not politicise child deaths in hospital

  1. What Scotland is enduring is a cancer in Scotland’s media and politics, the surgery required to correct is independence.

    You’ve pointed out and exampled countless times none but Scots have had to endure such relentless and malicious propaganda by it’s media.
    It can be argued England has yet to waken from it’s own manipulations by their own media, but they will eventually, there are too many contradictory lies for the penny not to finally drop not matter how clever the media cartel believe they are.

    There is little doubt the “victims” with regard to the QEUH propaganda campaign were abused by political forces, but we should not forget that those connected to them have also become victims, their loss abused for political purpose.

    The shame for Sarwar et al is that the public know what he/they have done for naked political motives, and they do not forgive such transgressions.

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