Scotland surges to lowest rate in UK today

BBC UK and England have nothing to say about their record infection rate today. Only BBC Scotland headlines the figure.

Here are today’s data:

Divide today’s cases by the population of each nation and you get:

  1. Wales 218 cases per 100K
  2. England 188 per 100K
  3. N Ireland 175 per 100K
  4. Scotland 129 per 100K

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18 thoughts on “Scotland surges to lowest rate in UK today

  1. Scotland has higher vaccination rates, more regulations and a lower infection rate than any other country in the UK yet the Scottish Tories want our government to fall in line with the UK government’s actions.

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    1. Since BBC Scotland has a track record, like a dog with a bone, of headlines such as their one today about the highest ever daily in Scotland, perhaps now would be a good time for Talking Up Scotland to boldly go where no newspaper and certainly no BBC news, ITV news, or Sky news has gone before, and put further record high Scottish figures into perspective by providing a similar headline (looking at you BBC Scotland), for further record high totals for England. It might make the BBC do it, if more of their listeners and viewers start noticing.

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  2. I saw BBC Scotland news tonight quoted our vaccination rate at 81% but without comment just as part of their usual repetition of the figures from SG

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  3. Just published today, 24 Dec by Reuters:

    ( )

    ‘Around 1 in 20 Londoners likely had COVID-19 on Dec. 16 and early estimates – which could yet be revised – suggest this may have risen to 1 in 10 on Sunday, models from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed on Friday.’

    ‘The ONS said prevalence increased across all parts of the United Kingdom, with Scotland showing the lowest rate of infections at 1 in 65 people on Dec. 19.

    ‘The ONS estimates showed around 1 in 35 people in England – equivalent to 1.54 million people – were infected with COVID-19 during the six days to Dec. 19. The early modelling of the subsequent days suggested that could have risen to more than 2 million people on Sunday, or around 1 in 25.’

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    1. Again we see UK average figures paraded by the media across the UK.
      It is frankly frightening that only in the EU and beyond know more about our condition re Covid than the general populace…

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  4. There is no doubt whatever that the SG figures are not smudged under political pressure, reversion to the simplistic numbers game the BBC in Scotland (or their man from the Ministry) have been using is quite the reverse, it’s propaganda.

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  5. Ah, but Rangers are pure bealin about the democratic vote of the league clubs and, since they are the Queen’s Eleven, it goes without saying that it is thae ESsEmmPee tar blame.

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  6. Anyone else notice on RS tonight there was a correction to what DRoss said at FMQs I don’t think they have ever done this when Smith and her cohorts have told lies and misquoted what anyone from SNP have said.

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    1. Scott I noticed it but it hinged on them quoting him saying a positive test when it was actually a negative. No big deal on this occasion, the context of what was said had to be “negative” to make any sense of what he was trying to say, at least as I understood it.

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  7. Merry Christmas everyone have a great day. Recommended binge tv for those stuck at home on their own, Swedish series, on STV player. Spring Flodden/ Spring Tide.

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  8. Heading off soon to Nicola’s party (just kidding Officer) so a very merry Xmas to you John & Co. Thanks for all your efforts last year and hope it bears fruit in a firm date for Indy II.

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