Call for Conservative Government to match SNP school meals for all in need

First Minister ready to advise PM in waiting, Liz Truss

From SNP Media today:

The SNP has called on the UK government to match Scottish Government efforts to tackle child hunger and poverty, by expanding free school meals and introducing a UK-wide Child payment.

The calls come after videos of a Lancashire based dinner lady detailing her distress at having to deny children a school meal captured significant attention on social media.

In Scotland all children from P1-P5 are entitled to free school meals, as well as all children from households in receipt of Universal Credit.

Families also benefit from the, recently doubled, Scottish Child Payment of £20 a week, which also provides four £130 bridging payments to families over school holidays.


8 thoughts on “Call for Conservative Government to match SNP school meals for all in need

  1. Sorry Scotland , but Liz Truss doesn’t do ”handouts ” ( Aug ’22 ) !
    According to Tories the poor should get out and get a ”better job ” ( Rachael MacLean May ’22 )
    Energy crisis ? Can’t pay your energy bill ? Tory Chancellor says people have ”a choice ” in using energy or not . ( Aug ’22 )

    ” Are there no prisons ? And the Union workhouses …are they still in operation ? ”

    In the end Scrooge changed – any chance that these modern day Scrooges will change from their hardhearted approach to those who aren’t rich and Tory ?

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    1. The UK is heading for economic meltdown, deliberate of course, and massive unemployment, such as never seen before.

      The Tories/red Tories are wrecking the economy in order to ensure that big business, big corporations are the only options, no small businesses, and as for any artisan makers etc, lol. Nope, plan is for a ready workforce to use for industry at low cost to the monopolies, some will incur no cost and in fact they are paid by the treasury as in the case of the energy companies. You could hardly make it up could you, the UK/Eng is heading down a very dark path indeed.

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  2. The English cabal have a very different agenda to the Scottish government.
    I was just looking at an earlier article of yours John, there are many on this subject of course. 🙂

    In England the people, even children, are collateral, let’s not forget their disgusting mantra from a few years back, ‘if you can’t feed ’em don’t breed ’em’, and that is how what they base policy on.
    If you are poor, it’s your own fault. Of course poverty is created by the rich and powerful, it fits a narrative, it divides people, keeps a low wage no wage economy going, and some who are desperate will resort to crime, tut tut say the extreme right wing rags.

    In terms of the economy, a bit O/T, but this is interesting, in terms of the UK/EngGov wrecking the UK economy big time, in order no doubt to further sell off public services, or what’s left of them, and to get their ‘charter cities’ off the gound, a terrifying thought, worse than 1984.

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  3. The population, without migration, is falling in nearly every European country. It was falling in China. ‘One child’ policy. Now the population is imbalanced. More men than women. Now changed to two children limit. 1.4Billion pop. India is predicted to overtake China. Germany has 20% migrants and has a successful economy. 82Million people. Not allowed to hold weaponry after WW2. Spent more on the economy.

    Japan the most densely populated country in the world. 125Million on a relatively small island. Japan has the highest life expectancy 85 years on average. Good diet fish and vegetables. Finland once high in heart attacks. Now has improved health. Fish and vegetables. Healthier care outcome. Japan was allowed to hold weaponry after WW2. Spent more on the economy, More equal and cohesive. Although less women are marrying and marrying later. Choosing to have careers in a male dominated society. Patriarchy

    Feeding mothers and children is extremely important for a healthier population. The future health of people is decided by how well nourished the mother is on conceiving and during pregnancy. It was studied after the war in Holland. A comprehensive study and follow up. In Holland people were starving during the war and ate bulbs.

    Well being and healthcare decides the healthy outcome of the future generations. A responsibility of good government insuring a healthy population. Or more is spent in healthcare. Prevention rather than cure. Saves lives and monies. Increasing active life expectancy,

    Jamie Oliver school dinner policy back fired. Now pupils are not allowed to just have chips. They must take fish even if they do not like it.. Pupils are not allowed to just have garlic bread. They must take something else with it. Even if they do not like the extra portion. It leads to more waste. Pupils should chose what they like. Or it defeats the purpose.

    The menus are known in advance. So they often take packed lunches if they do not like what’s on the menu but everyone gets fed. Even if they do not like some things. Pupils have been known to sell their dinner ticket and go out and get other stuff. Out of school premises. Pot noodles or sandwiches etc. People’s taste bud do not develop until they get older. Often for certain vegetables or fruits. Children having a regular, nourishing diet cuts monies and funding off the healthcare bill. It costs less in public spending than people being unwell.

    Obesity is becoming a major problem. Obesity is predicted to lower life expectancy in the future. If current trends continue and Gov does nothing about it. They should reduce trans fats and sugar in process foods. The food industry has a powerful lobby to influence government. Many people consume far too much salt, sugar and fat in mainly manufactured processed food. A better diet is conducive to live longer. Along with less tobacco and alcohol poisoning the human body.


    1. Increase in veggie food. Leads to a good diet. Nuts, fruit etc. Cooking with a micro wave instead of a traditional oven save fuel and energy. Cost in a microwave 8p compared to 80p in a traditional oven.

      Soup and vegetables can be cheaper with a bit of protein for a balance. Still needs to be simmer on the cooker. Depends the type of soup, Growing veggie can be cheaper and good quality. If possible. Good flavour. Micro baked potato with a bit of cheese. Wholesome food is often healthier, not too much processed,

      The wholesale price of gas has dropped. European countries have stocked up for the winter. Stored. Buying gas and fuel in the summer time when prices are low. Storing for the winter time when there is more demand. More storage.

      Fracked US gas is imported into Grangemouth. Scotland is covered in coal. CCS in the North Sea is possible, European counties are doing it. Westminster refused promised funding for CCS projects in Scotland. Reneged. Could have made future £Billions but denied. Technology available. In Peterhead and Longannet in Fife, Gas and coal. Scotland is in surplus in fuel and energy. Yet pays more as part of the UK.


  4. @ Japan was not allowed to hold weaponry after WW2. ‘The Railway Man’ Book, film. Spent more building up, US influenced, economy. The US dropped the atomic bombs. To stop Russia getting a hold on the Japanese sphere of influence after the war?

    Vietnam War. Death and destruction. ‘The Mountains Sing’. Nguyen Phan Que Mai.


  5. The coalition of Red Blue and Yellow Tories don’t like to feed children for free (though Welsh Labour is a tad different from Anas and Shir Keir).

    Lying B’stard Iain Carmichael wants tunnels and bridges in the Northern Isles.
    I agree.
    As a member of the Tory/Dumb coalition, Mr Lying B’stard Carmichael could ask where the £20 billion tunnel/bridge money went?
    Did Boris or Hi Jack pocket it?
    Or did it never exist?


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