BBC Wales fails to politicise health tragedy again

BBC Wales tell us that an asthma sufferer died despite the efforts of her family who made three 999 calls for an ambulance.

There is no mention of any politician, far less the Welsh Health Secretary or the First Minister, anywhere in the report. The opposition Conservatives and Plaid Cymru make no call for any resignations.

But in Scotland, in 2019, when the Health Secretary does not make public the details of a child death in a hospital because of patient confidentiality, we see this:

The contrasting manner of reporting of BBC Wales and BBC Scotland is one of the more objective measures of the bias in that of BBC Scotland.

I’ve drawn attention to many earlier examples. See:

3 thoughts on “BBC Wales fails to politicise health tragedy again

  1. Poor Wales , they must be woefully short of doomsayers in their local BBC outpost and in their opposition politicians .
    Wouldn’t it be a service to impartiality if we could send them a couple of our well-tried and tested professional moaners .
    Surely Anus Sarwar and Turdo Fraser could be spared to show these Welsh yokels how to properly undermine a country’s health messaging in the face of a deadly pandemic ?
    Anus has a proven history of ambulance chasing and has cornered the market in fake sincerity so is just the man to front any fake news scare on health matters . And Turdo will simply contradict anything positive that is said by the governing party – or even his own views if that will get him some TV airtime .

    No need for thanks from the Welsh as we in Scotland will still be fully stocked with hypocritical , self-serving unionist w*nkers and a local BBC service which has a Joseph MacGoebbels as their PR man .

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  2. BBC is at war with the SNP, that is obvious. They take their orders from the English government to propagandise, to create doubt, sow division and demonise the FM, and the SNP, Scotland’s democratically elected government. They know a lot of people especially older folk, watch their propaganda and believe it all as if it is fact, and as if it is keeping them informed. Short of an actual coup to take over Holyrood and oust the SNP by force, it’s gas lighting a country, and a psychological attack on the people of Scotland, in order to brainwash them into believeing thier own choice of government is wrong, and illegitimate. The BritNat state is expert at it, they just have to be more clever now because of the internet allowing people to see there is an alternative, but the battle is on, and it’s very sinister.

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