BBC Wales accused of Welsh Nationalist tendencies again

Above, BBC Wales headlines Tory corruption and chumocracy casting doubt on the value of the Union, again.

BBC England ignores the story:

BBC Northern Ireland don’t surrender their love for Britain yet:

BBC Scotland, that centre for quality, critical, fair journalism? Ha! Don’t make us laugh:

This is only the latest in the signs of BBC Wales going ‘rogue’. Likeable rogue that is!

See these:

BBC Scotland shocked to hear BBC Wales accused of being pro-Welsh!

In one day three Welsh hospitals with serious threats to patient safety but no word of the Tory minister

BBC Wales exposes BBC Scotland’s agenda once more

BBC Wales shows BBC Scotland how to do it

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8 thoughts on “BBC Wales accused of Welsh Nationalist tendencies again

  1. There is little danger of Wales voting for independence in the immediate future, and the BBC can now point to BBC Wales and say “look, we are impartial”. Never underestimate the sleekitness of your enemy.

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    1. It’s full of English settlers and second homers, who will vote to stay in their UK while ditching England as a place of residence. If you look at a map of voting outcomes for the 2019 election, Wales was split in two, showing a huge blue area at the border with England, stretching from top of Wales to the bottom.
      Not sure what their population is, and how many folks from England now live there. It’s a really beautiful country, we have watched train and canal journeys online, though unlike England their canals need to be repaired as much is inaccessible.

      At the BBC and the UKGov websites, programmes and information are available in Welsh which is interesting.


      1. The same is happening to Scotland which makes the SNP leadership’s lack of fight all the more depressing.

        SNP/Alba in the NE


  2. Cameron B
    100 % correct
    But may I assure you and all, That behind the Scenes The Dark Forces are
    Visiting upon their kennels all in order to select the attack dogs that they shall dispatch to ABC ( BBC ) Wales HQ


  3. I’m haunted by fear that BBC boosted Ukip, says presenter Samira Ahmed

    The BBC inescapably amplified the racist propaganda employed to sell Brexit, to a general public that had been traumatised and primed by austerity. This is how the radical right managed to convince England that self-harm was desirable. Scots will just have to eat our cereal, apparently.

    Systematic Epistemic Rights Violations in the Media: A Brexit Case Study


    1. Indeed, most odd, it must have been “fiddled” so sod them, passed on via FB for a boost…
      I really appreciate Jauncey’s clarity…


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