Starmerites out of touch as two-thirds of Labour supporters agree that there should be a second independence referendum

Nicola Sturgeon must resign if she has broken ministerial code, says Keir  Starmer - Daily Record
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The Starmerites formerly the Blairites formerly the Thatcherites

From SNP Media today:

The SNP has said Keir Starmer is “out of touch“ with Scotland and his own party members – as polling reveals a clear majority of UK Labour Party members back an independence referendum.

The most recent polling by YouGov reveals 60% of Labour Party members support a referendum on Scottish independence in the next few years, rising to two-thirds (67%) of those expressing an opinion, and nearly one in three UK Labour Party members (31%) think Scotland should become an independent country.

The blow to Starmer comes ahead of a planned visit to Scotland this morning.

Commenting, SNP Depute Leader Keith Brown MSP said: 

“Keir Starmer is completely out of touch with Scotland and his own party members, who overwhelmingly support Scotland’s right to choose our own future in a post-pandemic independence referendum.

“The Labour Party ruined its reputation in Scotland by backing Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit, supporting austerity cuts, imposing Trident nuclear weapons, and working hand-in-hand with the Tories in Better Together. It risks falling into terminal decline if it continues to side with Boris Johnson to deny democracy.

“As Keir Starmer visits Scotland today he must explain why he is woefully failing to provide any real opposition to Boris Johnson, why he won’t speak out against Tory austerity cuts, why he wants to waste £200billion imposing nuclear weapons, and why he has turned Labour into a hard Brexit party – ruling out a return to the EU and voting for a hard Brexit, which has already cost Scotland’s economy billions of pounds. 

“The Labour Party cannot credibly talk about securing the recovery when they have imposed a hard Brexit against Scotland’s will – destroying jobs, damaging businesses and costing our economy a fortune in long-term harm.

“Casting both votes for the SNP on 6th May is the only guaranteed way to re-elect Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister, deliver transformative policies for a strong, fair and green recovery, and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands in a post-pandemic referendum.”

See pages 8 & 9: Survey Report

11 thoughts on “Starmerites out of touch as two-thirds of Labour supporters agree that there should be a second independence referendum

  1. Keir Stammer ( never to referred to as Sir) is part of the Elite UK establishment
    Who is held in reserve in the event of Boris and his parcel of rouges are deemed no longer fit and pose a threat to business as usual for the UK Ship of State
    To sail on
    And as such K.Stammer must clearly be of the firmest of stalwarts in maintaining
    Trident and a grip upon Scotland
    Other wise his fate in joining J.Corbyn
    Into obscurity is sealed
    Know thy foes


  2. The British/UK/English Labour party here in Scotland has been in terminal decline since the Better Together campaign.
    Labour supporters in Scotland didn’t take kindly to their party acting as proxies for the Tories.
    They still are.
    Why vote labour when you can get the real thing with the Tories?

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  3. Dear Oh Dear
    When will labour listen to the Scots
    They themselves Ruined their historic rule in Scotland
    By consistently siding with ALL THINGS TORY

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  4. Of course, it should be remembered that all Scots are agents of international law, though you might not imagine so, given Westminster considers itself impervious to external law that challenges English legal culture’s tradition of Parliamentary sovereignty. Which is inescapably hostile towards accommodating the rights of Scots, to democratic participation and cultural development (see Brexit).



  5. Social distancing from Labour. Why would anyone in Scotland vote Labour. The Tory clones, especially if they support Independence.


  6. Sounds to me as if would-be Labour voters are coming to the conclusion that Independence might be the only way they ever get to vote Labour again! That’s real Scottish Labour, not do-as-you-re-told-by-England Labour!

    Elections in Scotland of
    Parties based in Scotland for
    Parliament in Scotland.
    Surreal, eh?

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  7. A small company started in Clydebank in the sixties developed to become an International Company – Aggreko.

    The founder started with some secondhand bus engines and ex-Army generators to supply temporary generation.
    Major companies moved in/took over and it is now a Billion Pound Global Company which still carries the name Aggreko.

    The Labour Party foundations and the Business Unit today carry the same name of Labour – I think you will see my point!

    The name is all that remains.


  8. Out of order. Why would Independence supporters vote Labour. Labour will never support Independence. It is funded from London. Get Labour out of the way. Take the fight to the Tories. Independence.

    Vote SNP/Alba. Independence. For a better society.


  9. £Trns of business have moved to the EU (IR) because of Brexit. That could have been Scotland. Scotland did not vote for it but now suffers indefinitely for the Westminster catastrophe. Business is down £Billions because of Brexit. The Tories do not care. They are lining their and their associates pockets with £Billions of non scrutinised public monies. Corruption and sleaze of Westminster Gov acting illegally.


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