Abandon hope all ye who entertain hopes for a better Britain


Even if you think a Britain under the soft-right policies of Keir Starmer would be worth staying and fighting for, there is no prospect of even that:

Only as the Covid deaths surged in 2020, did voters flirt with the notion of a Labour Government but now bursting with jingoistic pride as Boris the Vaccinator laughs at death in Europe, too many in England prefer him.

60% of Scottish Labour voters want a referendum.

It’s time they all jumped to the SS Independence before Captain Sarwar takes them all down.

14 thoughts on “Abandon hope all ye who entertain hopes for a better Britain

  1. If you put these numbers into Electoral Calculus it shows that the Tories would have an even bigger majority than they do now – despite
    hopeless handing of Covid
    usual Tory signs of sleaze, but probably on an even more massive scale than before.
    The other thing is that predictive systems like Electoral Calculus, while very useful, are often best at UK level, not dealing with Scotland all that well because it’s “different”. These numbers, however, see the SNP gaining 7 seats to have 55. Among the predicted casualties are Alister Jack and Douglas Ross. Shame!
    See https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/fcgi-bin/usercode.py?scotcontrol=Y&CON=43&LAB=29&LIB=8&Reform=3&Green=8&UKIP=&TVCON=&TVLAB=&TVLIB=&TVReform=&TVGreen=&TVUKIP=&SCOTCON=22&SCOTLAB=19&SCOTLIB=6.2&SCOTReform=0.8&SCOTGreen=2.5&SCOTUKIP=&SCOTNAT=49&display=AllChanged&regorseat=%28none%29&boundary=2019base

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    1. iamasocerdoc
      Sterling work but with regards what The Scottish constituent of what Westminster would be
      Who of sane mind in Scotland gives a toss
      As by such time Indy ref 2 win by a great majority renders such as a complete irrelevance


  2. England is traditionally a Conservative voting nation, with the Anglican faith often referred to as the Conservative party at prayer. British Labour only ever managed to gain power, by offering England’s working class a politics of hope. Those days are long gone, since Thatcher managed to install her particularly pernicious brand of English nationalist populism, as the impregnable political doctrine of English politics. So British Labour not only have to combat ‘common sense’ right-wing populism, but a populism that is now led by the radical-right. Who’s brand of neo-liberalism is only a hop, skip and jump away from full-fat fascism.

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  3. England has some fine people and fine ideas but they are always defeated by the deeply embedded culture of feudalism which stifles any progressive ideas.
    Their Tory party is an expert in manipulating that cultural mindset in order to maintain control.
    The problem that England’s Tories have in Scotland is that we do not share that mindset and they have to rely on a fraudulent Labour party to keep them on charge of our affairs.

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  4. The Tories aren’t really steaming ahead in England—Labour are just dropping back and not providing an “opposition”.
    However the British Elite are desperate for Labour in Scotland to pick up—hence you will find the commentariate in England monster img Starmer, while talking up Starwars.
    Andy MacIver was at it this morning, claiming Labour to be “on the March”—just give them time. He even claimed Starwars to be the best performer in the election.
    Yup, the mumbling, stumbling Public Schoolboy hero of the working class acclaimed by a Tory spin doctor–Scottish journalism in 2021.
    Eat your heart out, Goebbels.

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  5. Scotland does not need to abandon hope. Just abandon a corrupt Westminster governance. Scotland has everything to hope for in a better society. More cohesive, prosperous, equal and fair. Scotland has everything going for it to succeed.

    Scotland just needs to vote for it. SNP/Alba on the list. Get one other to vote as well, Independence coming soon. It has never been closer. Demographics. It is a certainty. Just do it.


        1. Peter
          It will be our referendum and no one else,s
          If Westminster wants war games they better be ready for war in the form of a referendum on exactly what are the conditions of the referendum
          Once bitten twice shy
          We all know what to do with the Brits Fools Gold
          2014 was the Benchmark


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