Failed Labour speech writer gets behind Tory push for power


Gina Davidson fails to disclose her close affinity with the Scottish Labour Branch but has left it in her Linkedn cv:

‘More recently I have worked in policy and PR for the Scottish Labour Party’s parliamentary group within the Scottish Parliament, which included speech writing for the party leaders.’

Surely, they didn’t need speech-writers to generate that rubbish? They’re certainly going to need a good speech writer now judging by the polls.

Anyhow, though probably feeling at home with Sarwar’s return to Blairite non-socialist Labour, Davidson can smell the coffee and knows that he cannot win second place. Judging by the opinion polls, those for whom the Union is all, have perfumed hankies over their faces against the farmyard smells and will vote Conservative.

As for the suggestion that the SNP accountants have underestimated cost by two-thirds, do you believe the Cons have an accountant anyone would trust?

And, fantasy pledges? That’s a good one.

Bridges and tunnels to Northern Ireland, a garden bridge over the Thames, a ‘world-beating’ test track and trace system, ‘moonshot’ testing plans, levelling-up the red wall constituencies, ‘fantastic full fiber broadband sprouting in every household’…….

10 thoughts on “Failed Labour speech writer gets behind Tory push for power

  1. Think of a number, then double it. Add 32 and multiply by 12.
    Take the square root of Ruthies birthday and factor in her weight in kilos times her height in centimetres—and there you have it!

    Economic analysis X Scotch Tories/Hootsmon (same thing) style.
    Oh, and you have to add in 20% for the back-hander/backsheesh now normal in all Westminster contracts.


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    1. Please excuse the onion-selling Johnny-Foreigner type calculation, but it works just as well in avoirdupois and inches—just add another 15% for “family compo” if your name is Handcock, or Cameroon!

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      1. Gavinochiltree

        In order to boost her career opportunities particularly in the field of rip roaring speech writing,along
        With the aim of vastly increasing membership numbers
        I will forward her the name and address of the President of
        The Flat Earth Society

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  2. The only way British Labour, there is no such party as Scottish Labour, will every break the Tory hegemony that is crippling Britain, is be renouncing neo-liberalism. The same goes for the SNP and the Greens, who need to remember that women are adult human females, if they are to engage with and support open democracy. Which the Tories will quite happily crush in order to support their propensity towards social Darwinism.


  3. Gina claims that ”Sturgeon fantasies …cost £95 billion in one year” .
    Pah ! That is small change – We , the Tories , could spend that on Test and Trace in a week !
    Get real girl ! We have a Magic Money Tree unlike the verminous Scotch !!!

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  4. The Scottish budget is £34Billion? Scotland raises £66Billion in taxes + other taxes.

    Scotland could raise £80Billion like Norway without Westminster colossal interference.

    Scotland pays £4Billion paying off debts not borrowed or spent in Scotland, loses £3Billion in tax evasion. Whisky companies etc tax evade. Pays £1Billion too much for the military (not based) in Scotland. Trident and redundant weaponry. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion to invest in the economy it would pay for itself with growth. Brexit Scotland loses cap payments, grants and investment from the EU. The nearest biggest market. £Billions in exports lost. Tariffs and charges on imports.

    Westminster Funds NHS £145Billion. Davidson is trying to claim some improvements in Scotland will cost £94Billion. Where are the estimates? Nonsense. Where is the maths or statistics?


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