Far fewer catch Covid in Scottish hospitals

The Herald

As of 21st March 2021, 214 202 cases of Covid-19 have been admitted to Scottish hospitals.

Of these, 199 075 (92.9%) were picked up in the community while only 3 719 (1.7%) were definitely acquired in hospital. A further 1 664 (0.8%) may have been caught there.


Is that a lot? Let’s compare with our neighbour. NHS England has an increasing tendency to just stop counting figures that might look bad or, as with A&E count them ‘differently.’

Hospital onset Covid data are not as easy to find as they are in Scotland, where the are published every week so that BBC Scotland’s Lisa Summers can tweet excitedly if the go up or go AWOL when they fall.

However, we do get glimpses and they reveal just why NHS England and the UK Government might prefer that folk in England were kept in the dark.

In November 2020:

Probable Hospital Acquired infections in England remain persistently high: currently, 17.6% of COVID-19 infections fit the NHS England definition of probable healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs). These rates have been as high as 25% in the North West and continue to climb in the North East and Yorkshire.

The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

In February 2021:

Up-to-date figures on hospital onset Covid infections outside of Scotland are difficult to find.

The most recent data we have are from the Nuffield Trust in November 2020 (above) revealing that, by the 14th, 19% of all Covid cases in English hospitals had been acquired after admission.

The Herald

8 thoughts on “Far fewer catch Covid in Scottish hospitals

  1. The Guardian had a devastating report in March, which exposes the position south of the border, so our “proudly Scottish” media can’t have failed to notice. (I jest – they scrutinise the most esoteric publications for even a hint of Scotland/SNP bad.)

    The Yoon cry will of course be the usual whataboutery complaint, forgetting that they often claim the SNP have underfunded our NHS by comparison with England – if that were true, how do our “underfunded” front-line heroes manage to achieve so much more than the badly organised and managed NHS in England?

    So, overall in England – “One in seven patients treated for Covid between 1 August 2020 and 21 March got it while in hospital.”

    “In one in five hospitals at least a fifth of all patients found to have the virus caught it while an inpatient. North Devon district hospital in Barnstaple had the highest rate of such cases among acute trusts in England at 31%.

    NHS England figures also reveal stark regional differences in patients’ risk of catching the virus that causes Covid-19 during their stay. Just under a fifth (19%) of those in hospital in the north-west became infected while an inpatient, almost double the 11% rate in London hospitals.”


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  2. As far as EHNS concerned
    It is what be termed as
    A Inconvenient Truth
    History clearly demonstrates that those who elect to deliberately engage in avoiding
    Such Truths.
    Always results in collapse and abject failure
    Along with the considerable adverse consequential amplifications of their foolish actions ,which in turn has to be carried by those they purport to represnt
    No amount of Union Flag waving can ever mitigate such


  3. The problem England has, is it doesn’t have a government that will use its limited financial resources to ameliorate the worst effects of English Torydum. Which may stave of preciosity in the short-term, but it is ultimately a no-win strategy, at the end of the day. Which will become more apparent the further Brexit separates Scots from international law.

    Advancing Global Health and Human Rights in the Neoliberal Era


  4. The Right to Health will only be accessible if governments implement policy frameworks that support the unity of mind and body, which are inseparable. This means Scots law needs to avoid entrenching ideology which insists biological sex is subourdinate to feelings, or a belief in the irrational. Which only serves to deify clinical disorder as a totalitarian basis for social organisation, as well as English Torydum. Which are pretty much the same thing, at the end of the day (see Brexit).

    Sexual health,
    human rights and
    the law


  5. Had to blink there at the stats for England, 19% Covid infection as a result of hospital aquired infection…tragic really. Do ENHS still have to outsource cleaning services to private companies? I know Covid must be really hard to contain at all, but why would hospital infection be so high in England?
    Remember when the Labour branch in Scotland privatised the cleaning services in the Scottish NHS, infection rates some deadly, went sky high, absolutely terrible. Thankfully that was reversed by the SNP, now we have in house cleaning in the SNHS. Labour branch in Scotland would privatise it all again as they would with Scottish Water and much more, cashing in for themselves and their pals.

    The BritNats would take a massive wrecking ball to Scotland’s public services and infrastructure and it wouldn’t take them long, if, heaven help us, they ever get near power at Holyrood. Brrr…

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    1. Valid, but also the high rate of infection, a test and trace disaster and lesser public adherence to rules and guidelines will have significantly affected it.
      Even with the exceptionally low level in Scotland’s NHS, nosocomial infections did vary according to community infection rates.


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