BBC Scotland wins Servility Award 2021

7 stories about Phil. How will BBC Wales do?

5, 5! It’s a disgrace.

Northern Ireland! Many of them are loyal:

5! They’ll get getting another border if they’re not careful.


6? Good god man! He lives there. Don’t they remember him nearly running many of them down?

Great Britain? Surely. He was in the Navy fighting his German cousins for us.

6 again. The Jocks win! Murdo Fraser must be so proud.

6 thoughts on “BBC Scotland wins Servility Award 2021

  1. Not that I’m suggesting civic republicanism is without its own limitations, as it can be prone to overlooking “losers’ principles”, in order to support unity of purpose. Which kind of undermines its democratic credentials. Though these aren’t insurmountable obstacles to rational and democratic constitutionalism.

    Resilient Civic Republicanism


  2. I wonder how many minutes or hours or years of silence it would take to pay respect to the 130,000 dead in the UK from Covid19, many of who died because the British Nationalists sitting in Westminster ignored the science, and allowed herd immunity without a vaccine, and, horrifically, have even cashed in on the tradegy. I am not religious at all, but if evil is a thing, anyone benefitting, making money from the deaths of 100’s of thousands to a deadly virus, surely mimics evil on a grand scale.


  3. I read somewhere that BBC Scotland news and current affairs was now vetted by London before transmission.
    True? I have no idea, but nothing about this abysmal broadcaster would surprise.

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