BBC Wales exposes BBC Scotland’s agenda once more

Comparing the reporting of BBC Wales with that of BBC Scotland is one of the more convenient and objective measures of the biases in the latter.

Today BBC Wales has foregrounded an academic supporting the Welsh Government’s more cautious approach to coming out of lockdown and questioning the approach in England.

In Sharp contrast, BBC Scotland took a pub-owner’s side and headlined this yesterday:

This morning they invited the public to call in to their radio show on the initial premise that Scotland is ‘missing out’ on the benefits of the approach in England

It’s their preferred position.

Earlier evidence:

3 thoughts on “BBC Wales exposes BBC Scotland’s agenda once more

  1. Scotland is missing out thousands more death. Keeping proper considered rules and guidelines in place. Keeping more people alive and well. Publicans will not increase their business killing off customers and inviting ill will. Businesses rely on good will and concern for people. A caring environment. That makes success.

    The publican is totally biased. Exposing themselves to a business backlash. In Tory land. ie ‘Would you buy a used car from this person’. Killing people. Try takeaway meal. Deal. That might make a better business case then inappropriate biased comment exposure. Courtesy of the biased BBC.

    The falling listeners and viewers, hidden, figures. It figures the embarrassment. The BBC totally out of touch and out of time. In terminal decline. The shocking, redundant, statistical lack of knowledge and analysis. Redundant BBC. Many have got their jotters. No wonder.

    The listening quota being killed off prematurely by the BBC propaganda. Following Westminster poor, bad policy decisions as accurate political guidance. BBC administration totally in the UK Gov pocket. Anointed and run from the Westminster corrupt licence. Taxpayer over funded. £5Billion a year. Enough to eradicate poverty. Instead of Gov propaganda.


  2. If the State Propaganda Unit got its way, the expression ‘dying for a drink’ could have very real and literal meaning.

    It’s disgraceful and offensive, but their reference point is always what happens in England and without exception they promote what happens there as ‘better’. Their output simply drips with English Nationalism as they pro-actively do their best to undermine the democratically elected government of Scotland.


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