Top 10 mistakes of David Cameron

From SNP Press Office

The SNP will use today’s (Wednesday) debate on lobbying to ramp up pressure over the Tory cronyism rife in Westminster – demanding that the Ministers involved in the Greensill scandal come before Parliament to disclose their exchanges immediately.

Speaking ahead of the debate, SNP MP Brendan O’Hara said the Greensill scandal – the most recent in a long list of Tory cronyism scandals – has revealed the extent of access granted to government departments to firms with close links to the Tory party.

David Cameron lobbied the Chancellor and Health Secretary, as well as senior Government officials, to try and secure access for Greensill Capital to taxpayer funded Covid loan schemes. He exchanged text messages with Rishi Sunak – on his personal phone – and took Matt Hancock to private drinks to discuss financial support for the firm.

Cameron was reportedly set to receive tens of millions of pounds through the shares that he held before the company collapsed.

Commenting, Brendan O’Hara MP said:

“Boris Johnson’s Tory government is stumbling from one scandal to the next. The latest developments around Greensill Capital and access to government departments for those with links to the Tory party has only hammers home that the Westminster system is broken and isn’t working for Scotland.

“Tory Ministers and former Prime Ministers casually texting each other over government access reeks of corruption and cronyism – so to set the record straight the ministers involved must immediately come before Parliament and disclose their exchanges with David Cameron.

“Scotland faces a choice of two futures – Tory cronyism under the broken Westminster system, or the opportunity to build a fairer future as an independent country in a post-pandemic referendum.

“The issue at the election will be this: who has the right to decide Scotland’s future after the pandemic – people in Scotland or Boris Johnson? Only both votes SNP on May 6th can put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.”


Greensill scandal developments:

Cameron took Greensill for private drink with Matt Hancock to discuss NHS payment scheme:


  1. A classic example
    Those in greenhouses should not throw stones
    Are ye listening Ruth, Dougie and the rest of the rag taggle band
    Oh dear breaking class i hear


    1. But, under a FoI, that famously impartial organ the Sunday Fail dug up info that Fergus Ewing had dinner with them in 2017.

      “Well. It was only a drink. And the SNP had dinner with a firm that borrowed off Greensill. And it’s in trouble now. And that’s just the same as if he’d tried to pressurise HM Treasury into handing out payments during the epidemic. And just because Mr G’s firm ACTUALLY MADE STEEL. And, and, and…”

      One (partially recorded) dinner v ONE YEAR? (I’m generously compacting the hundreds of contracts, you notice)

      Still, they’re doing their best.


  2. The Tory Cabinet has illegally not declared outside interests for over a year. They are not likely to. The administration failed when the adjudicator resigned because of illegal Tory harassment.

    The Civil servants employed to monitor Gov contracts are illegally holding back information on poor, improper business cases. To allow the Tory criminals to misuse, misappropriate and steal public funds. Cameron and associates should be
    put in jail for fraud.

    Cameron even interfering in lobbying recommendation to ensure and maintain his position of employee lobbying Gov. Totally illegal. Illegal public office strategy. Breaking business Law. Representation of the People’s Act.

    Cameron is not a fit person to hold Office or represent people. Or act as a representative. Graft and corruption in public Office. The Tories believe they can get away with it. A white wash Inquiry. The other unionist Parties are just as bad. Cash for honours, warmongers, tax evasion, financial fraud, child abuse, starving and killing people.

    The reason the Tories join a political party in self interest to illegally line their pockets. Losing and abusing £Billions public funding. Hickley Point, HS2 and Trident etc. A criminal waste of public monies. The Tory slush fund. People are dying because of these policies. Essential services cuts. People are starving and dying unnecessarily because of Tory unionist policies.

    Scotland has to fund these worthless projects. The illegal Barnett Formula. Taking Scotland’s wealth to fund London S/E. An illegal strategy to buy votes in London S/E and the south. A higher population base. The Westminster unionist do not care about Scotland or Scottish affairs. They do not need the votes to obtain a majority.
    Scotland outvoted 10 to 1. The lack of democracy and corruption at the heart of Westminster Gov. Corruption at the highest level.

    For faster rail times throughout Britain the rail services in the North and Scotland should be improved. Journeys in the North and Scotland take twice as long as in the South because of lack of investment. The North/South divide. London S/E totally congested ruining the economy. Scotland half empty affecting the economy.

    Nuclear abuse. It is clear there are better, cheaper alternatives. Wind, wave, solar, hydro, oil, gas, hydrogen, tidal barrages. Nuclear plants built totally over time and budget. £Billions over budget. Years late. FInland, France. Totally unaffordable. Always subsided with public monies. The most expensive fuel resources ever and the most dangerous.

    Chernobyl, A 100 year outer cover. Still not safe. Fukushima, Japan now discharging nuclear contaminated waste into the sea. The Westminster unionist are illegally polluting Scotland. Dumping their abusive, unhealthy waste, without a mandate. Illegal under International Law.

    Under the terms of the Treaty of Union, Scotland was supposed to be treated equally. It was not. Breaking the terms of an International Treaty. Total disrespect till this day. Vote SNP/Alba or other. Vote for Independence. Vote to change the list. FPTP with a mandate.


      1. At weekend on BBC Scotland ex Tory MP Peter Duncan defended Cameron’s action’s . . . . . “It’s a bit much to ban a man in his 40’s from using his expertise”.
        More truthfully. . . . The former leader of the country should be allowed to gain access to the Government for his foreign employer


        1. Clydebuilt
          May i put Cameron,s actions in the simplest of terms and to hell with all the
          Politically correct Coital Bovine Scatology

          He had millions invested with them and knew it was all going belly up
          So he thought as he was brought up and educated too
          To use his portion of privilege and his born to rule beliefs
          That by calling in old favours of those in power, that he would succeed in getting them to hand over public monies all in order that he could sell his holdings
          And in full knowledge that the public would pick up the tab
          No F**king amount of pontification
          Can possibly disguise such
          In conclusion
          Greedy Selfish Useless Corrupt B**stards


        1. Doug
          Not quite
          More a case of coming to terms with it
          Evolve,Adapt,Survive then success and fair prosperity of the wellbeing kind shall surely follow


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