Eat out to die out: BBC Scotland is campaigning against the SNP by its choices of what to report and which position to foreground/headline

The very first words of BBC Scotland’s series of news inserts between 6aM and 9am, this morning:

It won’t be viable for two thirds of pubs to re-open on the 26th April

Yesterday morning on BBC Radio Scotland:

The day before dominating their website page and on Reporting Scotland:

There was none of this:


In sharp of contrast BBC Wales favoured the Welsh Government position over that of bar owners:

BBC Scotland is campaigning against the SNP by its choices of what to report and which position to foreground/headline.

8 thoughts on “Eat out to die out: BBC Scotland is campaigning against the SNP by its choices of what to report and which position to foreground/headline

  1. The corruption of the BBC knows no bounds. If Scotland becomes independent they must be held to account for their crimes against the people of this country.
    Unbelievable that we are expected to pay for this vile propaganda.

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  2. Its a no win situation , when Scotland becomes independent BBC will no longer broadcast in Scotland under westminster rules they may even withdraw completely in a huff but the more likely scenario is that they will be allowed to broadcast a very limited menu certainly not any news programmes.
    A new Scottish broadcasting company will start that will have guidelines that require it to show Scottish news and report matters in a different way , a more positive way.The tables will be turned , every opportunity to compare and broadcast how bad everything is in England will be taken to prove that Scottish independence was the right choice, it wont be difficult to do because it is the right choice.
    The current staff ? Well it will already be known which are the britnats and they will be first out the door, perhaps off to London , but doubtful they will be wanted there.

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  3. Post Independence the BBC will remain a broadcaster in Scotland. The Irish still receive it for free. It will be in the interest of London to send out propaganda as they do now. That is after all why the BBC World Service was created!

    We will not have BBC Scotland – but we never really had that anyway.
    BBC ALBA may need a name change and funding source though.


    1. If you don’t watch live BBC or catch up on any device you do not need a TV licence. You can have 100 TV sets in your home and you still don’t need to pay the BBC your hard earned cash.
      Just write and say you no longer watch any of their er…
      They cannot harass you, they cannot threaten you with imprisonment in Scotland, because you cannot be locked up for debt under Scots Law, only for non payment of fines.
      It’s not illegal to not use BBC services. Plenty other excellent platforms free or to subscribe etc, to watch news or films etc.


  4. I would suggest a “Truth and Reconciliation Commision” but how long would it take to explain the concepts of truth and integrity to the present MSM as their salaries depend on them not understanding.
    Bottom feeding is their survival tool.

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  5. With the prospect Boris maybe forced to concede another Referendum if the May elections go as expected BBC Scotland will increasingly be on a ‘War’ footing so we can expect more and more of this distortion of the news in the coming weeks and months. They have presumably been told it is simply a case of their future survival.


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