Housebreaking crimes nearly TEN TIMES as likely to be solved in Scotland

From BBC England today:

Policy Exchange, a centre-right think tank, says some common offences are “in essence almost entirely decriminalised” because policing has “lost its way”. Boris Johnson said making Britain safer has always been a priority. The report said that the public feels police officers are “more interested in being woke than solving crimes”. Mr Spencer [the author] said the police’s ability to solve common crime is “woefully low” with only 3.5% of residential burglaries, 6.3% of robberies and 4.1% of thefts solved during the last year.

BBC Scotland has not been reporting on this problem despite their usual enthusiasm for reporting supposed failures by Police Scotland. They’re still milking the rubbish strikes. Here’s why:

The clear-up rate for housebreaking, Scotland’s version of burglary at 31.5% is pushing nine times higher than the 3.5% rate in England and improving over more than ten years of SNP government. The clear-up rate for other theft, at 24.1% is six times higher than the 4.1% rate in England and, also improving over the last decade or so.

9 thoughts on “Housebreaking crimes nearly TEN TIMES as likely to be solved in Scotland

  1. The Police create crime. Arresting and charging people for minor misdemeanour. Then it is dropped. Instead of giving a warning as before. A Domestic Abuse Act that cannot be dropped or appealed. The Police are now charging abused women and people with additional needs under the Act.

    The Police are acting as judge and jury, instead of the lawyers trained in Law. The Courts are over flowing. The Police are acting as social workers without the training in diversity, There are backlogs because of total lack of diversity training in society. Ignorance.

    The UK (Scotland) of the highest numbers of people in prison (Pro rata) in Europe. Half have additional needs and have not be diagnosed or given the appropriate help which should be available. Easily rectified. Covid has not helped. Too many people are put in cells. Then any ‘charges’ are dropped. Instead of the police going after the real criminals.

    The tax/price of alcohol cannot be put up in Scotland. 24 hour drinking does not help. Council (unionist) licensing authorities responsibility. Most (violent) crime is linked to drink and alcohol. Drinks in the wit’s oot. A higher rate of alcohol abuse historically. 25% higher. Now being reduced 10%+? The SNP Gov inherited a higher starting point rate. So accordingly a higher death rate. Now being lowered.

    Still lack of (unionist) council responsibility supporting proper total abstinence rehab facilities. Under social care. The SNP Gov has funded £250million over five years. To tackle and lower the problems. Castle Craig is the best rehabilitation facility in the world. Acknowledged worldwide. It does not receive public funding after someone died. An addict who chose to take illegal drugs. Other in need were denied rehab facilities and died at an earlier age.

    Not enough total abstinence, one chance rehabilitation facilities. They have to be paid privately. Prison £40,000 a year. Total abstinence, one chance p, rehab facilities are far less cost. Than the human cost of alcohol/drug damage in society. The family break ups. Mental health, housing and benefit problems. MUP has been achieved after 5 years. Without Labour support.

    Abused women cannot get legal aid. So they have to stay in abusive, unhealthy, unsafe situations. In England the Law was changed recently, so women can get legal aid without losing their house or home. It has to be paid back in any case with any settlement. It can take years and cost £thousands which women do not have access to.

    Women who co habit, the majority, do not have equal rights. The Law still has not been changed despite endless consultation. Estate agencies illegally charge women six months and deposit, even with excellent credit and funds. Many woman do not have the available financing especially in abusive controlling situations.

    There are a few tampons or sanitary products in a toilet. No dignity or legal aid available. It would be less costly overall. If legal aid was available, Abusers would be held to account more often and know they will not get away with controlling behaviour under the Law. If they knew they would lose the roof over their heads. They would be more likely to rein in their behaviour. Self preservation. Not the morals of the gutter. Chancers getting away with it,

    Thatcher care in the community. Prison.


  2. You can always tell a right winger the minute the buzzword “woke” is deployed, as in “The report said that the public feels police officers are “more interested in being woke than solving crimes”. ”

    It’s just as well Mr Spencer is not required to prove his ludicrous assertion, the vast majority of the public won’t have a clue what he means by “woke” let alone have an opinion on it.

    For a “Think Tank” to skip straight past much reduced police numbers as potential cause demonstrates a “woefully low” level of intelligence…

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  3. Teresa May cut the police numbers in England, Austerity increased knife deaths in London. 200 knife deaths a year increase in London S/E. Approx 500 homicides a year in UK on average. 100 women 400 men (or others) 200 increase in knife crime in London S/E because of austerity. Homicide increase. 700.

    The last decade (12 years) of Tory/unionist austerity. Support by votes from the south. Supporting a more violent society. Soon there will be riots and violence in the streets in the South. Thatcher poll tax/unemployment. High inflation and bank rates. War in Falkland. Gung-ho jingoism. Supported by non Dom tax evading MSM owners and BBC propaganda. Breaking International Laws and Treaties. Killing people.

    1+ year to get rid of the Tory/unionists. An IndyRef coming soon that can be won. More prosperous, cohesive equal society on the cards. A better place to be.


  4. File under….”Things the Brit Nats don’t want you to know”!

    Gary Smith only wants to talk fear in the workplace and strikes.
    The UK is going down the tubes and the “Britz” want to refuse us Scots a life boat.

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  5. As a side issue I note that in some years the clearance rate for murders was over 100%, tremendous successes, presumably accounted for by solving some crimes from previous years.

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