Working as if we live in the early days of a better nation?

On the same day as Scotland’s fairer and more dignified disability benefit system was rolled out, see this:

A total of £84 million has been paid to families since it was introduced less than 18 months ago.

The payment of £20 per week, unique to Scotland in the UK, began in February 2021 as a direct measure to tackle child poverty. It provides regular, additional financial support to parents and carers to help with the costs of caring for a child.

As of 30 June 2022, it is estimated that 104,000 children were actively in receipt of Scottish Child Payment and 1.4 million payments have now been made.

By the end of this year the payment will increase to £25 per week and extend to include all eligible children under the age of 16 when it is expected that over 400,000 children will potentially be eligible.

Responding to the latest official statistics on Scottish Child Payment published today Deputy First Minister John Swinney said:

“We are taking a number of urgent actions to address the current cost crisis. This includes efforts to maximise financial support to those most in need so that they get all the money they are entitled to. The ongoing work to extend eligibility for and increase the value of the Scottish Child Payment is a vital part of these efforts.

“We created our game changing Scottish Child Payment to provide direct financial support to tackle child poverty. Every penny of support is absolutely vital at the moment, which is why we are using our devolved powers and resources to make a difference for as many households as we can.

“We doubled the payment to £20 in April and will increase it to £25 when we extend it to under 16s by the end of the year – a 150% rise in this important benefit which is one of five family benefits we are now delivering.

“The Scottish Government want to support families during these difficult times.”

For much more evidence that, within the constraints of devolution, the SNP Government and other bodies, are making some progress toward the hopes expressed by Alasdair Gray and paraphrased in the headline above.


5 thoughts on “Working as if we live in the early days of a better nation?

  1. Imagine , a political party paying the poorest families extra money to help raise their children !
    Makes a change from a ‘socialist ‘ party like ‘Scottish’ Labour going in to partnership with the enemies of the working classes , the Tories and delaying pay rises to low paid workers to try to embarrass their political rivals .
    Scotland’s families cannot afford to vote Labour/Tory .

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  2. However, as Baron George Foulkes of Cumnock as stated previously..

    Baron Foulkes: “The SNP are on a very dangerous tack. What they are doing is trying to build up a situation in Scotland where the services are manifestly better than south of the border in a number of areas.

    Interviewer: “Is that a bad thing?

    Baron Foulkes: “No, but they are doing it deliberately.”

    For once George was right 🙂

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  3. Investing in child welfare must surely be paramount in any governments’ agenda, well done Nicola Sturgeon and her government. Not so the English government, who willfully create a situation where children are denied basic needs, like, food.
    To actually need to have this discussion is a disgrace in a so called rich country, the UK.
    In fact the English government are acting illegally by denying the people including children, the right to food, shelter and heating etc.

    Scotland can mitigate the English governments’disgraceful austerity, (a word the English government have ditched of course), and they do an amazing job against huge odds, but only with independence can Scotland move forward, working to improve on what has already been achieved in a few short years, and be a force for good, in a shambolic, messed up world.

    The agenda of huge inequality and disaster capitalism, which the English government functions on and embraces, is not a legacy that Scotland wants for their children, nor votes for. Bye bye UK.

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  4. Ending child poverty will pay for itself. In reducing other care packages with a positive outcome. It will result in a more equal fairer society. Early learning years are the most important to future development. An amazing achievement, in an altruistic society.

    It takes a village to bring up a child with full support. Eradicating poverty benefits the whole society. In an Independent Scotland Gov pensions could be increased. The UK lowest pension in Europe. The administration costs nearly as much as the payment. Increasing pensions would cut the bureaucracy. Pensioners and students (for a short period), have a relative lower income. People’s mums (dads) and grandchildren. Students in Scotland have a higher level of support.


  5. Whole UK Gov Accounts Social Security & Benefits. 2019/2020. Published June 2022. Pages 133/134. Internet. (Pandemic – unique).

    (UK) Gov pensions. £101Billion. Scottish Gov revenues and resources funds (pro rata). Approx £10Billion. From Scottish Block Grant £41Billion.

    Scotland raised £66Billion+ In taxes and revenues. UK Gov borrows £101Billion. Borrows and spends £10 Billion more pro rata than Scotland. Scotland cannot borrow but pays £3/4Billions to the UK Treasury in debt repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland.

    Total (UK) Gov pensions & benefits. £240Billion. Administration costs £233Billion. UK Gov work pensions pay for themselves. Contributions cover yearly outlay. Defence pension % of Defence spending, £44.5Billion. Scotland contributes too much. Paying for Trident, redundant weaponry and illegal war breaking International Treaties and agreements. With impunity. UK/US the biggest spread in the world. (Pro rata). Over 1/3 of all world spend. SA huge defence spend (pro rata). Much more than China and Russia (pro rata).

    UK Gov good jobs in the Mall. Gov Ministries. Scotland funds the Westminster bureaucracy. % The jobs are in London S/E. Ditto London companies HQ. Higher remuneration.funded % of Scottish revenues. Estimated VAT etc. Estimated too low compared to e,g NI.


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