NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Parkinson’s care rated far higher than UK average

Health Secretary Jeanne Freeman

Research: Brian McGowan

Once more evidence emerges of the high quality of Glasgow’s hospitals yet this is consistently ignored by BBC Scotland as they dig for rare cases of suffering which they can amplify in broadcasts.

Parkinson’s patients in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) have rated their care as significantly better than the UK average, according to a national audit.

Parkinson’s affects one in 375 adults in Scotland. UK-wide Parkinson’s Audit of patients showed far higher satisfaction rates in NHSGGC, compared to the rest of the country, in almost every element of their care.

Patients were asked to rate the quality of care from their doctor. In the UK as a whole, 58% of patients rated their doctor as excellent, while in NHSGGC this figure rose dramatically to 83%. Similarly, 91% of GGC patients thought the care from the dedicated nurse was excellent, compared to 63% in the UK.

Patients also felt informed about their condition, with 80% feeling they had enough information compared with 60% across the UK. Around 84% of patients also said they were given enough information about the side effects of their medication, compared to 60% in the UK as a whole.

Importantly, 76% felt involved in decision making about their care in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, compared to 49% elsewhere.

To find out more or get involved see: www.parkinsons.org.uk/audit

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Once more, this story sent to us by Brian: ‘Good news is no news’ is the cynical explanation given by many journalists to explain why BBC Scotland only reports deaths and infections and not this kind of thing. ‘Nobody’s interested in that. They want scary stuff.’ They seem to have forgotten that they are paid

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Our RAG (Research Assistant Glasgow) Brian McGowan, keeps feeding us a steady flow of really positive developments in Scotland’s biggest health board which, along with NHS Tayside, seems to have been identified by, especially, Reporting Scotland, as a repeat target. Finding rare and often statistically insignificant events, they construct a scare story which they can

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Story sent in by Brian McGowan: As a pharmacist, Carron Grogan knew the science behind the life-saving drug Naloxone, but little did she know that soon after its introduction she would put this knowledge into action. And she’s not alone. Within the last 2 years, at least 18 people have been revived by community pharmacists

Glasgow’s hospitals miles better but ignored by BBC Scotland again

NHS Glasgow and Greater Clyde (NHSGGC) is embracing a person centred visiting approach across hospitals to enhance patient wellbeing and recovery as part of its tailored individual care model – ‘Person Centred Visiting’ (PCV).

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From our Senior Health Researcher, Brian McGowan: A senior Glasgow doctor has just completed his 8th trip to Malawi, taking life-saving equipment and expertise to help patients with serious upper gastrointestinal disease. Prof. Adrian Stanley, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, took with him a number of endoscopes donated by NHSGGC to help patients suffering


By: Ronald Maclean, Island of Lewis, a story of one man’s treatment, lacking the ‘public interest’ that the Reporting Scotland editor desires. Now if he could modify the story and introduce excessive delays and a bird-related infection leading to his near-death, then….. I live some distance from major medical centres. I was recently referred from

225th birthday of one of best hospitals in the world and it’s in Glasgow but BBC Scotland ignore it again

TuS Health Correspondent: Brian McGowan From NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde yesterday: Glasgow Royal Infirmary (GRI) has celebrated its 225th birthday with the unveiling of a commemorative mural documenting its rich history and positive impact on healthcare.The hospital has been serving the public since 1794 and today symbolises one of the busiest and best equipped

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Research: Brian McGowan From NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde yesterday: Glasgow scientists have been awarded a major cash boost from Cancer Research UK to pioneer new radiotherapy technologies and techniques that could help more people survive cancer in the future. Experts from the Cancer Research UK Glasgow Centre are set to receive £3.5 million over

Scotland’s depressed media look away as TWO Glasgow mental health wards are praised

I hope my use of the term ‘depressed’ is not inappropriate. As well as using it to grab your attention, I’m using the word here to point to the physical way in which editorial preferences for bad news about NHS Scotland lead to stories like this being depressed and disappeared. BBC Scotland, STV, the Herald

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I return to this theme often as my latest evidence of BBC bias is attributed to a paranoid conspiracy culture which I embrace. Like Chomsky, I have never pointed to any media conspiracy and like him, I know you don’t need one to get the kind of biases prevalent in our MSM. Anyhow, ‘everybody’ tells

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