The Glasgow hospital you won’t hear of in our NoMedia

Queen Elizabeth University Hospital lit up Gold. See Claire Cook, for more details at NHSGGC Comms. Tel: 0141 201 4767Email: Image by Guy Hinks. See copyright and usage clauses of the metadata.

Our RAG (Research Assistant Glasgow) Brian McGowan, keeps feeding us a steady flow of really positive developments in Scotland’s biggest health board which, along with NHS Tayside, seems to have been identified by, especially, Reporting Scotland, as a repeat target. Finding rare and often statistically insignificant events, they construct a scare story which they can then use to promote calls for SNP politicians to apologise or even to resign.

There is a very different health board outside of these media constructs. Here is another true story in its daily struggle to save lives:

Glasgow to lead new Mesothelioma international research network

New funding from Cancer Research UK (£5 million) will allow NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s mesothelioma research team to work with patients to develop new treatments and earlier diagnosis for the disease. The work is done in partnership with the University of Glasgow.

The main cause of mesothelioma is inhaling asbestos and usually appears decades later. Often the diagnosis is fatal, with most patients dying within a year.

Glasgow has the highest incidence of mesothelioma in the world due to the previous widespread use of asbestos in the area, notably in the shipbuilding industry.

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