Another Glasgow hospital hidden from your view

Once more, this story sent to us by Brian:

‘Good news is no news’ is the cynical explanation given by many journalists to explain why BBC Scotland only reports deaths and infections and not this kind of thing. ‘Nobody’s interested in that. They want scary stuff.’ They seem to have forgotten that they are paid to be a ‘public service broadcaster’ and not a poor-man’s Daily Mail.

On a different tack, but making the same point, why then is the clearly bad news about Willie Rennie and the Lib Dem paedophilia scandal not headline news on BBC Scotland? Oh, you’re waiting for the ‘more interesting’ Alex Salmond case?

Anyhow, back to the NHS in Glasgow. Here is another story showing us a very different picture:

Glasgow Royal ward gets £1.8m upgrade

A female orthopaedic ward at Glasgow Royal Infirmary has been given a new lease of life thanks to a £1.8m investment.

Ward 27, which accommodates female patients recovering from injury and trauma, was completely remodelled over a nine month period. A new four-bedded side room was created and the space between patients’ beds was increased with infection control prevention in mind.

A new physiotherapy gym was created from office space and two additional side rooms with en-suite and tracking facilities were added.

Senior charge nurse Katie Higson oversaw the transformation. She said: “The space we now have to rehabilitate our patients following orthopaedic surgery is amazing. 

“We are no longer restricted with equipment and have a light and airy ward with great visibility of all.  Being in hospital can be a difficult time for people especially after an injury but having a nice environment can be the little thing that makes the difference.”

NHSGGC’s North Director Isobel Neil added: “We are delighted with the remodelling of the ward and I am particularly pleased about the enhancements for our clinical teams and the patients they care for in the ward.”

4 thoughts on “Another Glasgow hospital hidden from your view

  1. In other news, it appears that Ms Patel has made quite an impact on the Home Office, the Permanent Secretary has resigned and is not going quietly:

    This is quite astonishing. I wouldn’t advise reading the comments below the Twitter post though (video is okay to watch, it’s just a statement). For context, nearly all PMs have held the post of Home Secretary. Maybe not this one? I wouldn’t bet on it though, we got Boris after all. These are the people that control our finances and many other aspects of Scotland’s policies and investment.

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  2. If you would like some other mundane weekend watching of what happens in the murky world of the civil service, I watched this to give me an idea of their role in policy and law making – at first it seems like it will be deathly boring, but it wasn’t that bad and picks up to be more interesting after about 15 mins in:

    Legal advice in government (uk)

    (I assume similar roles in the Scottish government)

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