February Stats

As of 16:38 on 29th. Up from 98 752 in January.

Most read articles but remember, the 17 194 who looked at the home page may have read all the headlines even if they did not click on all stories:

Global penetration: For Spain read Catalonia?

7 thoughts on “February Stats

  1. Woah, did you get your dreamed-of >100 000 views? So, does that leave you satisfied? Smug? Or exhausted? 😉

    Good work though – and by the colour map it doesn’t look like it’s all Russian bots either. Why is no one in Greenland reading though? And what is your target for March? (Please please say only 10 000!)


    1. All three.
      Shouldn’t we have Greenland too based on Danish readers?
      Mad March target? I appoint you Target Coordinator with responsibility for any failure. If we exceed the 100k you get extended. If not it’s the rack!


  2. Good point about Greenland, it’s probably covered by the Danish allocation,,,? Well, maybe there will be a shout out to Greenlanders to start reading, by someone that knows some?

    Hmm. I’m not sure the rack is suitable incentive for me to take on the role of Target Coordinator, I’ll allocate that role to Ludo I think.

    Advertising revenue,,,, you’d be selling your soul!


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