In the Herald today:

‘NEARLY 14 million trees have been chopped down across Scotland to make way for wind turbines. The Scottish Government expects to be generate 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources this year – but concerns have been raised about finding a balance between green energy and sustaining forests. Now statistics, released by Forestry and Land Scotland, show that 13.9 million trees have been axed to make way for 21 wind farm projects since 2000.’

OMG, 13.9 MILLION! What a disaster! Should an SNP minster resign? Someone must be responsible.

Wait, could they be replacing any of those trees? Far, far, down the page, we see:

‘That figure for felled trees should also be contrasted with that for the number of trees planted in Scotland over the years 2000 – 2019, a total of  272,000,000, and renewable energy developments fit well with this.’

So, 272 million planted since 2 000 and only 13.9 million felled. Am I missing something here? I’m no expert but isn’t that quite a replacement rate? Is the Herald headline a bit pointless? Is it even misleading?

I wonder, how does the Scottish rate of planting compare? See this:

8% of the population but 84% of the new tree planting: Scotland punches above its weight in UK’s fight against climate change