NHS GGC Gartnavel

I hope my use of the term ‘depressed’ is not inappropriate. As well as using it to grab your attention, I’m using the word here to point to the physical way in which editorial preferences for bad news about NHS Scotland lead to stories like this being depressed and disappeared. BBC Scotland, STV, the Herald and the Scotsman had not covered the story as I wrote this (06:50am) yet, as you well know, stories of hospital acquired infections, alleged cancer treatment irregularities and, of course, mistreatment of patients in mental health wards, are headline news to be returned to and gorged on for weeks and months.

Here are the main points in this glowing report yesterday of an inspection at Gartnavel Royal Hospital’s Henderson Ward by the Mental Welfare Commission:

Inspectors highlighted patients spoke positively about their care and treatment by staff. They also observed nursing staff were professional and respectful in their interaction with patients.

Risk assessments were found to be detailed, regularly reviewed and updated while care plans were person-centred and demonstrated patient input.

It was noted that patient care is reviewed at weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings with patients being able to record their views before each meeting. Inspectors saw evidence that the input from medical, nursing, allied health professionals, psychology and social workers was recorded to a high standard in a detailed way.

Inspectors also highlighted that patients have access to independent advocacy and legal representation with contact details and information leaflets provided on admission to the ward.


Back in August, 2019, we could also find, but did not hear of in our Nomedia, that a ward at Stobhill [Glasgow] which treats patients with eating disorders had also been praised by the Mental Welfare Commission.