SHOCK SNP election spending WITHIN legal limit but Lib Dems push the limits of legality

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In the Scottish Cringe Express today, we read:

Nationalist candidate Tom Wills came second to Lib Dem Beatrice Wishart in the poll, despite Nicola Sturgeon visiting the islands three times. Spending figures from the Electoral Commission show the SNP spent 99 per cent of the total allowed in the by-election, compared to less than 13 per cent of the total allowed in the Brexit poll.

Once more this Lib Dem feed story to the Scottish Nomedia is everywhere and reeks of hypocrisy. Remember the SNP spend was WITHIN the limit and legal. The Scottish Lib Dems, clearly scared by their experience, have been keen to undermine the SNP achievement in closing the gap so dramatically. However, we haven’t forgotten their track record of pushing the limits of legality in election spending. See these:

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‘Cole-Hamilton submitted an expenses return declaring some expenses were national Lib Dem expenses – but these are missing from the Lib Dem expenditure return. Either Alex Cole-Hamilton wrongly declared that these expenses were party expenses or the Lib Dems have wrongly claimed that their return is correct.’

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And in 2017:

‘The Electoral Commission is still investigating irregularities in 2015 general election expenses from the Lib Dems, Labour and the Conservatives, but focused mainly on the Tories.’

No mention of the SNP.

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One thought on “SHOCK SNP election spending WITHIN legal limit but Lib Dems push the limits of legality

  1. Off Topic – but can I mention a thought that struck as I was looking at the BoJo proposed brexit deal? – Strikes me that we now have ‘official’ confirmation from BOTH No. 10 and the EU Commission that the appropriate time interval between visits (and revisits) to a major constitutional issue (such as whether N. Ireland remains within the EU customs and regulatory embrace) is 4 years. Good to know this. By my arithmetic 5 years has passed since Indyref 1 – Good to know that BOTH No. 10 AND Brussels can have absolutely NO concerns about sufficient time having elapsed for the consideration of the question of Scottish Independence being put to the Scottish voting public again, any time from now that suits the Scottish Part and Scottish Govt. Link and snippet below:

    Northern Ireland’s say

    Because Northern Ireland will be set apart from the rest of the UK when it comes to customs and other EU rules, the deal gives its Assembly a vote on these provisions.

    But this vote would not happen until four years after the end of the transition period that is due to run until the end of 2020 – so no earlier than January 2025.

    If the Northern Irish Assembly votes against the provisions, they would lose force two years later during which time the “joint committee” would make recommendations to the UK and EU on “necessary measures”.

    If the Assembly accepts the continuing provisions by a simple majority, they will then apply for another four years. If the deal has “cross-community support” then they will apply for eight years, or until a new agreement on the future relationship is reached if that comes sooner.


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