BBC Scotland miss another good news story about the NHS in Glasgow

From our Senior Health Researcher, Brian McGowan:

A senior Glasgow doctor has just completed his 8th trip to Malawi, taking life-saving equipment and expertise to help patients with serious upper gastrointestinal disease.

Prof. Adrian Stanley, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, took with him a number of endoscopes donated by NHSGGC to help patients suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding and oesophageal cancer – both major health issues in Malawi.

Prof Stanley delivered two days of training in endoscopic skills to staff in Mzuzu, the main hospital in northern Malawi, which has a particularly high rate of upper gastrointestinal bleeding related to schistosomiasis.

Prof Stanley said: “It is humbling being able to work with and train the people who are doing all the work out there, in very challenging conditions. It is very satisfying to see the desperately needed equipment – that is no longer required in Glasgow – being put to good use.

Earlier good news reports on the NHS in Glasgow:


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NOT telling the truth about deaths in Glasgow’s children’s hospital: A ‘spike’ in hospital acquired infections or in already infected admissions or really just a tiny blip?

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7 thoughts on “BBC Scotland miss another good news story about the NHS in Glasgow

  1. Great to see these stories , we never hear or read about them in the Unionist propaganda media .After watching Politics Live and seeing Ian Blackford getting hammered again about the SNP’S awful record in government , “failing schools ” , “failing NHS ” etc. you know the script, it is refreshing to have a positive .


  2. Thanks, John, for drawing to our attention Prof. Stanley and his GRI Team’s fantastic work in Malawi. (I can’t help but idly speculate whether any of his Malawian trainees josh him with the greeting “Professor Stanley I presume….”). A really fantastic illustration of the role our new Scotland can play even having not yet fully escaped the frustrating travails of Johnson’s britnat Ukania.

    Another couple of good news stories for the Scottish NHS were carried in the Courier (GMS also mentioned the introduction of the violence reduction Navigator Team at Ninewells – so kudos to Gary or whichever of them managed to slip that story through against the iron SNP Baaad editorial controls): Link and snippets below:

    Despite NHS A&E waiting times in Scotland still failing to attain the Scottish Government’s performance targets, Ninewells and NHS Tayside’s emergency departments consistently exceed the 95% four-hour waiting goal.

    Even with the extra pressures placed upon the health service of the festive period, staff still managed to process 96.3% of patients who attended the emergency department within four hours.

    Over the Christmas and New Year period, there were 2,730 attendances in the emergency departments in Tayside.

    NHS Tayside chief executive Grant Archibald said: “I am extremely proud NHS Tayside consistently achieves the four-hour target.

    On Monday Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf visited Ninewells to launch the Navigator programme, which helps patients affected by violent and chaotic lifestyles as soon as they present at emergency departments.

    The service, run by the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and Medics Against Violence, has helped almost 2,000 people to date in other areas of Scotland since its inception in 2015.

    Mr Yousaf said: “This will have a real impact and it will hopefully reduce the revolving door of violence.

    “Navigators do a remarkable job, helping to support people often living in difficult circumstances, to receive support that can truly be life changing. Their interventions in emergency departments have a massive impact on the individual and also benefit their families and the wider community.

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  3. Hope it’s OK to go off topic John? – The Malawi story shows the genuine ‘new Scotland’ in action but the beeb item about the SRU Blazerati pillaging the game’s coffers to award themselves massive pay hikes shows that some elements of Better Together-type entitlement attitudes remain like tape-worms operating deep within the Scottish body (social and politic).

    Rugby ain’t my game but even a non-follower like me can see that the massive money being grabbed by the ‘executive’ high heid yins is money (in large amounts) that isn’t going into the grass roots of the game (where it is desperately needed).

    How much do we bet that Col. Davidson will take any Parliamentary opportunities to berate the ‘ rugger colonels’ at the SRU (a nice wee earner gig for them, doubtless?) for their demonstrated propensity to so obscenely richly reward such apparently mediocre performance by the Scottish Rugby executives? Link and snippets below:

    Scottish Rugby’s chief executive Mark Dodson has more than doubled his earnings for the year up to 31 May 2019 compared to the previous 12 months.

    The group’s accounts showed their “highest paid director” had received £933,000 in salary and benefits.

    That’s an increase of £478,000.

    Scotland did not qualify from their World Cup group in Japan, while the SRU were fined £70,000 for Dodson’s criticism over a potential cancellation of their tie with the hosts.

    They were also ordered to apologise after an independent disputes committee said he had “brought the game into disrepute”.

    Increases have been widespread across the board, with the total paid to all company directors jumping from £1.13m to £2.246m.

    The accounts come following a disappointing year for Scotland’s national team on the field, with Gregor Townsend’s side failing to make it out of the pool stage of the World Cup for only the second time in the competition’s history.

    They will also be hoping for an improved performance in the 2020 Six Nations, having finished fifth last year, with just one victory.

    Turnover for the year was £61m, up from £57.2m, but profit before tax dropped to £308,000 from £1.8m.


  4. Gee whizz – it appears that lightweight labour leadership contender Jess Phillips MP has appointed oor auld pal Blair ‘Better Together’ McDougall to her campaign team, Cripes – no wonder she was spouting such utter, objectionable Lillian Gish about Scotland the other day. Worth checking out the full slate of ‘advisors’ – Creepy or what? The undead – they walk amongst us!! : Link and snippet below:

    Labour leadership candidate Jess Phillips has appointed Wes Streeting as parliamentary chair of her campaign, along with Melanie Onn as an ex-parliamentarian campaign chair.

    Alicia Kennedy, who was until recently deputy leader Tom Watson’s chief of staff and once served as deputy general secretary of the party, will be Phillips’ campaign director.

    Rachel Kinnock, daughter of former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, is set to oversee visits and campaign events during the leadership campaign. She has previously worked for Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

    Ruth Smeeth will lead on stakeholder engagement. The vocal critic of Jeremy Corbyn, who particularly spoke out against Labour’s handling of antisemitism, lost her Stoke-on-Trent seat at the 2019 general election.

    The other key appointments are as follows:
     Caroline Badley who is heading up operations
     Matt Goddin is heading up the field team, supported by Steph Lloyd and Labour Students chair Rania Ramli
     Francis Grove-White, formerly of the Labour Party head office and the People’s Vote campaign, will be leading on political strategy

    Blair McDougall, who was Chief Strategist at Better Together, and Will Straw, former executive director of the Stronger In campaign, will act as advisors, particularly on winning again in Scotland and championing a close relationship for Britain with Europe after Brexit.


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