By: Ronald Maclean, Island of Lewis, a story of one man’s treatment, lacking the ‘public interest’ that the Reporting Scotland editor desires. Now if he could modify the story and introduce excessive delays and a bird-related infection leading to his near-death, then…..

I live some distance from major medical centres.

I was recently referred from my home area to the Glasgow Hospital Area for investigation, diagnosis and treatment for a very rapidly deterioring ondition.

I received a quick appointment and was seen on time.The consultant soon decided that the suspected diagnosis did not explain the distress I was in. He immediately referred me to a second Glasgow hospital which had the necessary expertise and infrastructure to contiue with the investigation. After very quick tests, scans then more scans, diagnosis was made and treatment begun almost immediately.

Further investigation showed serious developing problems and I was admitted to the second hospital for more tests. Shortly afterwards I was taken to a third Glasgow hospital with the expertise and equipment necessary for a precisely targeted approach to my treatment.

I returned to the second hospital to continue and to be made ready to return home safely and ready for more treatment.

This is an amazing system of co-ordinated medical care.

Throughout I was treated with dignity, courtesy and respect while being advised, guided and helped by teams of totally dedicated professionals working at impressive speeds through complex, sophisticated infrastructures and procedures.

I did nothing.

I cannot speak too highly of the care I received. Truly superior professional achievement at the highest level working in harmony for the common good. Thank you so much.

Unfortunately there are some people in Scotland whose primary purpose seems to be informing us only about the bad things we have and the good things we’ll never have. Among a number of such groups seems to be BBC Scotland based at Pacific Quay. Please co-operate, combine your talents, question their motives rigorously and publically and don’t hesitate to ask them to justify their attacks. Follow up by taking all necessary steps to ensure the protection of such a priceless Scottish asset.

Please circulate this around ALL the hospital workforce. Thank you.

Ronald Maclean.
Island of Lewis

I addressed this to my msp Alasdair Allan with copies to; Nicola Sturgeon; Jeane Freeman; Richard Leonard; Monica Lennon; Alison Johnstone; Patrick Harvie; Willie Rennie; The National; I tried but failed to reach Philippa Whitford.

I hope it’s of some interest