As Shell steals the oil Scotland fights homelessness

Too wee too poor: ‘Shell companies paid $10.1bn in corporate income tax and $5.8bn in royalties around the world’ but NONE for Scotland’s oil

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2 thoughts on “As Shell steals the oil Scotland fights homelessness

  1. Not only did they not pay the Treasury, they were given a REBATE. This was primly “explained” on Good Morning Scotland as due because of work done on “decommissioning”. So, the PUBLIC is paying for this business to clear up the remains of their extraction processes, for which they made a profit to distribute to investors, most of them overseas. Of course, they paid some tax in the past, but, in effect, this is giving it back to them.

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  2. Its all a ruse by the Treasury and the Chancellor to make sure that they can undermine the finances of an independent Scotland. a link to the comparison between UK and Norway and the amount of tax paid by ALL oil companies (with each sector extracting roughly the same amount of oil) – can’t find it now but Norway taking 10-20x why the UK took in taxes…
    Taxes – they are political.

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