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Reporting Scotland editor: ‘Hmm that story above or the one below?’
One unrelated death or 150 possibly prevented? I know, one unrelated death!

We’ve already seen attempts to turn an unrelated death into a crisis which can then be pinned on Glasgow’s SNP administration. However, there is no evidence that this death is in any way attributable to lack of emergency accommodation and Glasgow City Mission still intend to open their winter shelter on 1st December as planned.

On the same day, the Scottish Government-funded ‘Housing First Pathfinder’ reached a milestone and drew international praise. This, and the evidence of longer-term success in reducing homelessness, reported here, were not reported. So, as homelessness climbs in rUK, a single unconnected death is used to construct a crisis which can be linked to the SNP as we approach an election.


From Scottish Housing News yesterday:

Scotland’s Housing First Pathfinder has reached another milestone with the creation of more than 150 tenancies, a monitoring report released today has revealed. Housing First provides ordinary, settled housing as a first response for people whose homelessness is compounded by other disadvantages and experiences. Each of the tenancies represents an opportunity for someone to end their homelessness and receive support and encouragement to build and live their lives. The largest of its kind in the UK, the Housing First Scotland Pathfinder is a three-year programme launched in April 2019 with the target of creating 830 tenancies.

Juha Kaakinen has been heavily involved in Finland’s national Housing First programme and said: “The Housing First model in Finland is based on understanding homelessness extensively and in detail. We learned that it should not only apply to sleeping rough but also sofa-surfing and hidden forms of homelessness.

“Nor can it be stopped by housing departments or charities alone – all parts of the system must be on board. Scotland has also recognised this, which is one reason why you are so far ahead so quickly. Stay focused on the goal and I know your programme will continue to report increasing participation and better outcomes for people with the most difficult experiences.”