Different ambulance-chasing styles reveal BBC Scotland’s clear bias once more

Image: EPA

From BBC Health today:

Patients dying as ambulances face crippling delays in England : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-63743383

Read on and find not one reference to the Health Secretary, Steve Barclay, or to the PM at the time, and not one accusation from any opposition politician.

In November 2021, BBC Scotland had:

‘Lives being lost’ due to Scottish ambulance waiting times: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-59250960

Read on and find 2 accusations by Douglas Ross, 2 by Anas Sarwar, 1 by Alex Cole-Hamilton, 3 by ‘opposition leaders’ and, of course, 6 times where Depute SNP leader, John Swinney is associated with the deaths or obliged to comment.

Try ‘BBC Wales ambulances lives’ and you get none.

And, don’t let anyone tell you that this is just a one-off. See:


I could go on. If you want to: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=BBC+bias


9 thoughts on “Different ambulance-chasing styles reveal BBC Scotland’s clear bias once more

    1. Professor Sridhar’s book on the pandemic is informative and interestingly international in scope. It’s a ‘good’ and an ‘easy’ read – not overly scientific/technical.

      But in it the author makes a cardinal error (!): in one place she draws positive conclusions about the Scottish Government’s handling of the Covid pandemic relative to Westminster.

      From The Times today (?): ‘A complaint of pro-SNP bias has been upheld by the BBC watchdog after the broadcaster serialised a book by a Scottish government medical adviser a fortnight before an election.’

      ‘One listener contacted the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) to report what they perceived to be bias in favour of the SNP. They claimed the broadcast “contained material which was politically partial in relation to the Scottish local authority elections, which were less than two weeks away”.’

      How dare the BBC broadcast something that has an internationally-endorsed ‘expert’ writing about Scotland’s institutions in a positive light, especially when there is a favourable comparison made with the rUK. Doesn’t the BBC know the rule – Scotland can’t, in principle, do better than the rUK. That’s not possible (and certainly not ‘sayable’) in this ‘better together’ (and no longer voluntary) Union.


  1. Don’t worry the BBC in efforts to win back their critics will be putting together their A (SNP Bad) team to investigate the alleged shady dealings of our esteemed country women Lady Michelle Mone. Coming to your screens soon I’m sure.


    1. Delayed by COVID—-oh and the weather.
      Fog over the super yacht sea.
      A lack of underwear investigative specialists.
      Orders from London, the sovereign State.
      Scotland has no authority, unless DRossie/Starwars.
      Cameroon says “she’s a friend of mine, with big assets”.
      Richi will look further into these big assets.
      Juan and Glenn can see no wrong.
      Ffoulksakia and the Lady Ruthie Brassneck are chums of Mone.


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