Scottish Labour leader endorses UK’s biggest CO2 emitter and one of most dangerous polluters in Europe

New ‘Labour’s Got Talent’ game show host says ‘Come on down’ to a low-wage economy!

Drax! Even the name triggers fear. Drax the Destroyer?

I don’t know why energy giant Drax is sponsoring the Herald’s Scottish Politician of the Year award but it’s a bad, bad image. See this:

A U.K. biomass power plant which received more than £800 million (C$1.36 billion) in government subsidies for renewable energy production last year has been pegged as the country’s largest source of CO2 in the country in a new analysis by the climate think tank, Ember.  

The Drax plant, which generates electricity by burning wood pellets, is also one of the biggest sources of dangerous particulate (PM10) pollution in the entire EU, writes Skye News.

Maybe Drax is good to its workers? Nope. See this:

This fight at Drax is about the fact there’s been a 14 percent pay cut in two years in comparison with the cost of living. Where I work, we got offered a pay rise and it was an insult. The conditions are horrendous. You’re talking 60 degrees when you’re working in the boiler room. With the hot weather recently, it was so hot people were almost collapsing and we have to stay there and work through it. We get treated like dogs.

So, why are Labour so relaxed with Drax? This in September 2022:

Climate campaigner ejected from Labour event sponsored by Drax power plant firm

That’ll be it.


10 thoughts on “Scottish Labour leader endorses UK’s biggest CO2 emitter and one of most dangerous polluters in Europe

  1. Vested interests, and how dare Sarwar display Scotland’s Saltire in front of their dreadful advert. Disgusting. He must never ever be allowed to get anywhere further up the ladder and hope sure it’s laced with grease. He’s feeling confident, and being trained, I believe in hope, Nicola believes in fairies, type of cr*p. I believe the Anas Sarwars of this world have nothing but bad intention at the head of their agenda for Scotland.

    Scotland has other ideas and it doesn’t include millionaire politicians shafting the poor and in fact everyone, while also wrecking the planet. No thanks.


  2. The Herald are desperate for cash as was seen in an ad by them begging bowl out just last week. The Saltire and ‘drax’ plastered all over the wall is a tad sinister and of course misleading. The English government have something dirty up their sleeves, as usual.


  3. Well , Sarwar has more in common with the anti-worker Drax than he has with actual Labour , so this is a mutual admiration award from one capitalist hyena to another !

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  4. That pic reminded me of the drunk at “The Golden Shot” being advised to aim at the middle of the three crosses….

    Drax and Herald are perfect sponsors for Sarwar’s award as it demonstrates the sheer duplicity.
    DRAX with HMG backing fiddled the greenhouse gas emissions by attributing the carbon to the fuel providers not the users, it’s no more sustainable than a fart but permitted them to gazump the Peterhead interconnect in favour of Blyth to rescue the “eco-friendly” lie.
    The Herald produces more methane per head of population despite the Daily Smell, it has become a race to the bottom, or as Tom Gordon might so describe it, “Back in a minute, toilet break”.

    I never understood Dickie Bows until now, but I’m uncouth thinking they are for dicks…

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  5. I only just noticed the change in title John, can’t argue with that. I think that the SC felt it necessary to say that Scotland is ‘not a colony’ (I think I have that right?) what that really means is, Scotland is a colony, live with it. No thanks.

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    1. I’m frankly shocked at Sam Bright describing lack of preparedness as due to “After a decade of austerity, the Government’s PPE stockpile had been eroded prior to the pandemic”.
      The unpreparedness was due to the deliberate refusal by Ministers to invest in refreshing and rotating the emergency stockpile as it ran contrary to their dogma “the market will respond” and “more red tape”, alive and well despite the horrors of Grenfell Tower 2 years earlier.

      And as to the “National Audit Office later highlighted: “The operating model was not designed to respond to a pandemic.” ” is a complete falsehood, that was PRECISELY what it was designed to do, it was not designed to cope with “normal” flu.
      To illustrate the point from memory, the entire UK stockpile of ventilators was flogged off to Malaysia at a knock-down price when they adopted the UK’s emergency pandemic plan wholesale, and look who emerged from the pandemic relatively unscathed.

      The myopia of Tories shocks me less than their ability to escape the consequences completely unscathed
      – There are Tories in Kensington who should have been arrested immediately after the bonfire of their vanities sent so many innocents to an early grave at Grenfell Tower.
      Ditto Covid.

      I do realise Sam’s focus is on the money trail which the rest of his article highlights very well, but I do wish we could have learned more of the incompetence or malice which paved the way for the UK being the worst performer in an international emergency despite having once been the pinnacle of preparedness.

      But that’s another tory 😉


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