The Guardian too platforms only the Scottish opposition’s politicising of health

In the above report today, the Lib Dem’s Alex Cole-Hamilton and Labour’s Sarah Boyack get 5 paragraphs to condemn the Scottish Government.

When the UK Government might be criticised in the above report from May 2022, no opposition politicians is asked to comment. The problem is not politicised.

We see this contrast all to often within the 4 branches of the BBC. A few days ago, we saw the most recent example:

Regulars will remember the regular contrasts between BBC Scotland and BBC Wales:


3 thoughts on “The Guardian too platforms only the Scottish opposition’s politicising of health

  1. This article was also in the Observer yesterday. My feeling on reading that piece was the same as yours. The data were vague and unspecific and quoted only anecdotes from less than 5 people.

    This was only one of two anti SG pieces in the Observer, yesterday. The other related to the forthcoming legislation regarding gender recognition. The article specifically targeted the FM. It suggested that only the Tories could protect women who are concerned about aspects. It hinted at this being driven by the Greens. The article made no mention of the fact that the first reading of the bill had unanimous support from Labour, Greens and LibDems. It made no mention of the 7 SNP MSPs who had either abstained or opposed. It made no mention of the fact that during the committee stage that amendments are possible, and, in this specific case, likely.

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  2. Indeed John, but with respect the Observer piece by Miranda Bryant has that distinct air of Eu de Latrine, don’t look at Manston refugees and diptheria look instead at Scotland and their dreadful treatment by the SG, another “Look, a Heffer”…

    Scarlet fever and diptheria are relatively uncommon these days mainly due to known methodologies and treatments being widely available, there was even a scare in the north-east of England back in April the Observer didn’t (on a cursory search) deem worthy of reporting on, ah but Scotland….

    Yet if there is one thing everyone can rely it is that Sarah Boyack and ACH-him, are ever available on speed-dial for quotes on the Scottish Government being shite…

    Living right next door to Ukraine and physically far removed from the nonsense of Bryant, ACH-him and ACH-her I can attest to the gratitude of Ukranians that refuge is being provided for the exhausted, frightened and dispossessed – Many were used to politicians seeking to capitalise on their distress, perhaps we might learn a lesson from that.

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