Scotland’s emergency services still outperforming all other UK nations

Image Edinburgh News

In October 2022, NHS England A&E departments saw only 54.8% of those attending within 4 hours. Barking, Havering And Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust saw only 33.6% within 4 hours.

NHS Wales data is presented so as to conceal the performance of the major departments comparable with those elsewhere in the UK, but after some adding up and dividing, I get 56.7%, slightly better than NHS England.

For Northern Ireland, the figure is a shocking 45.2% and has been under 50% for more than a year now.

The equivalent for NHS Scotland, based on the weekly returns, was 64.4% seen in 4 hours, 17.5% better than NHS England.

NHS Forth Valley, which has recently been taken into special measures managed only 39.6%. Eight NHS England trusts did less well than Forth Valley. 17 NHS England trusts and 5 integrated care boards are in special measures.


Click to access hs-niwts-ecwt-q2-22-23.pdf


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