Why is Scotland, the nation with the lowest deprivation level and the shortest waiting times for treatment, the only one with a deprivation/cancer crisis?

From BBC Scotland today and headlining, with individual cases dwelt upon morbidly, across the media here:

Thousands of extra cancer cases are linked to deprivation in Scotland, according to Cancer Research UK (CRUK). The charity has found that around 4,900 extra cancer cases a year are linked, which equates to 13 cases a day.


Let’s be clear, I absolutely accept that deprivation and negative health outcomes correlate strongly and that tackling deprivation, inequality and poverty should be the highest priority for any government. It is, demonstrably, for the SNP. It is not, demonstrably for the Cons or Labour.

After decades of devolution, poverty is significantly less common in Scotland than elsewhere in the UK and notably than in Conservative-run England or Labour-run Wales.

Were it the other way round, they’d be blamed, so the SNP and before them Scottish Labour, must take credit for achieving this within the constraints of the devolution settlement on the economy.

No other part of the BBC is covering this research.

There is no explanation as to why Cancer Research UK did a study only in Scotland.

BBC Scotland is, to be fair, correctly referring to cancer cases being ‘linked‘ to deprivation, as they are.

The press are, of course, making it all up for sales and click-bait.

The supposedly intelligent Herald has Health inequalities lead to 5 000 cancer cases a year. No evidence for that.

The Express has Thousands of cancer cases are caused by poverty. Just stupid.

The Sun? Matt Hancock in the jungle, of course.

Not in the BBC Scotland report, this context (thanks to stewartb):

Cancer treatment: Barely half as many wait longer than 62 days in Scotland’s hospitals


5 thoughts on “Why is Scotland, the nation with the lowest deprivation level and the shortest waiting times for treatment, the only one with a deprivation/cancer crisis?

  1. The Dog’s Arse had Lisa Summers defecating verbally about this. She gave a resume of data and then ended with an opinion, which was related to the topic, but not wholly so, which was condemnatory.

    Since you mentioned Mr Hancock – despite “I’m a celebrity ….” not being a BBC production, it has featured on the Dog’s Arse every day. This morning we had a long insert on Good Morning Colony mainly about Mr Hancock. This included a long piece by the arts correspondent. Then Mornings had a whole phone-in about it, with Kaye Adams asking, “Hasn’t Matt Hancock suffered enough? Should we not see the ‘human side’ of our politicians? After all, one of the reasons Boris Johnson is so popular is his ‘human touch'”

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  2. It’s all part of the lies by the British state, they are determined to destroy the SNP and if that means destroying the economy, and people’s lives they won’t hesitate.

    Labour UK in Scotland did nothing whatsoever good for Scotland, in fact with regards to healthcare, they privatised hospital cleaning services, resulting in people dying of hospital acquired infection. Labour UK in Scotland started to run down the Scottish NHS, they did absolutely nothing to reduce poverty, they did nothing to improve housing for folk, they sent £billions back to Westminster saying ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. ‘Nothing’. They plunged Scottish councils into £billions of debt with their PFI scheme, (scam), still having to be paid by councils now.
    Labour deserve not one iota of praise in fact McConnell is paid £300+ a day now for
    completely neglecting Scotland when he was the FM. Labours legacy in Scotland is one of neglect, debt, and money being wasted on taking women workers to court to stop them getting equal pay. Makes you wonder what they did with the ‘block grant’ back then.

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  3. Average life expectancy 79 years. Japan 85. Spain 84. Different diet.

    Japan more equal

    £15Billion+ funds the SNHS. Prescriptions,sovialcare. Puttingu Govold age pension would lower costs of administration. UK pensions/benefits £240Billion. Administration £235Billion.

    Social care in Scotland helpspeoplestsy in their own home. Residential and hospital care is more costly. The ConDem cut NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. The NHS needs another £10Billion.

    The increased child payment will decrease poverty in Scotland. MUP has reduced alcohol consumption. Lowered10%.


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