BBC bias as troubled private care home owner is wheeled out again by Reporting Scotland to attack SNP

Spotted by MSM Monitor last night, Robert Kilgour.

Kilgour has been a regular go-to-guy for Reporting Scotland over the last two years. He’s been even more regular here:

To read more:

In 2020, we read in the Herald:

A care group has questioned the fairness of a watchdog’s inspections approach during the coronavirus pandemic after it emerged local authority homes are far less likely to be inspected than private ones. Renaissance Care [Kilgour] said analysis of a freedom of information (FOI) response it received from the Care Inspectorate found council-run homes, which account for around 15% of all care homes in Scotland, had received under 5% of visits since March 23.

Could this be the reason?

There are 291 voluntary [not for profit] sector, 232 local authority and 727 private care homes in Scotland.

Click to access 2018-09-11-CHCensus-Report.pdf

In the last year, to March 31 2020, there were 158 complaints about voluntary sector homes, 2040 about private homes and 146 about local authority homes.

There are thus 2.5 times as many private as voluntary homes but the level of complaints is 13 times higher.

There are 3.1 times as many private as local authority homes but the level of complaints is 14 times higher.

So, the level of complaints to private homes, taking account of the number there are, is around 4 times higher than in voluntary sector or local authority care homes for the elderly.


6 thoughts on “BBC bias as troubled private care home owner is wheeled out again by Reporting Scotland to attack SNP

  1. The BBC gets a lot of flak for union bias, rightly so in my opinion, but I do want to commend Stephen Jardine for his phone in this morning. He facilitated this well and encouraged respectful responses between opposing views – a breath of fresh air after Kaye Adams.

    The Care Inspectorate risk assesses all care services and gives each a risk rating which takes into account complaints received. Higher risk services get inspected more frequently, not to punish them but to help them make improvements to meet the National Health & Social Care standards. I suspect that some private care owners think they are independent businesses and should not have to accept any type of national improvement programme, especially one that priortitises the views and experiences of service users

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      1. The “Short sighted Turd who became a Klingon and would not flush” would presumably pose problems for film classifiers ?


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