Guardian cartoonist is sadly not joking again when it comes to Scotland

From Steve Bell, in the Guardian today.

Many of us will have admired Bell’s work over the years when he pokes establishment figures but on Scottish independence he’s a Labour loyalist and firm Unionist, siding with the establishment.

In 2013, he gave us this:

And in 2014, this:

In 2015, this:

When in 2014, I politely emailed him to try and explain the politics of Scottish independence, he called me an ‘SNP dupe!’ Somewhat immaturely, I replied ‘Bellend!’

Bell (94?) clearly doesn’t get it yet in the way that many influential English cultural figures have:


5 thoughts on “Guardian cartoonist is sadly not joking again when it comes to Scotland

  1. Bellend was and is an appropriate term for this guy. These people who know nothing about Scotland, who ridicule Scotland’s democratically elected SNP politicians, should focus on the wholly undemocratic, dangerously far right wing cabal in London.
    Bell does himself no favours by being such an ignoramous.

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  2. He’s a cartoonist for the often laughable Guardian newspaper which supports comical figures like Starmer to change the UK from a pantomime to a farce .


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