Take out the don’t knows/cares and it’s nearly 60% for YES in second positive poll

Channel 4’s poll yesterday, with an 18 point lead for Yes, comes hot on the heels of Ipsos MORI, on the 19th October with a 7 point lead:

Click to access public-attitudes-across-the-union-ipsos-knowledgepanel-uk-charts.pdf

The only way is up?


6 thoughts on “Take out the don’t knows/cares and it’s nearly 60% for YES in second positive poll

  1. The UK Supreme Court ruled that Scotland is not a colony so what is it?
    How can an independent country without a parliament in a voluntary union decide if it wishes to leave or remain in that union?

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  2. This ruling gives the unionists a problem. How can the peoples of England, Scotland or Wales seek to leave the UK? The North of Ireland has a right to a referendum to decide if it wishes to reunite with the rest of Ireland or remain part of the UK.

    The spokesperson for Labour dodged the issue – “the people of Scotland don’t want independence” and “there are more pressing matters”. Labour will produce a policy about the constitution, so we can wait for that, and no, we are not going to give details other than reform of the House of Lords. In any case, there are more pressing issues for an incoming Labour Government.


  3. It always astonishes me the insight that English politicians have into the minds of Scotland’s people .
    Time after time I have heard them declare that the Scottish people are not interested in Independence , that they want their Government to concentrate on ‘other’ matters .
    If I hadn’t had this reinforced continually by May , Johnson , Truss , Starmer , Sunak etc… I might have believed the propaganda from the SNP that THEY had won the Scottish elections ( Holyrood and GE ) for the umpteenth time recently on a mandate to hold a referendum on Independence .
    Good to know that our betters in London have their fingers on the pulse of Scottish opinion .

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  4. TheTories will begone. Soon. The support for Independence increasing. The SNP will hold the balance of power. Time for Independence.

    Westminster Gov is totally corrupt.


  5. Last Independent Tef 85% turnout. Support now at 61%. Democracy cannot be denied. Westminster Sher is breaking International Law again. UN principles. Denying support for self governance and self determination when people vote for it.


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