Covid deaths in Scotland fall to lowest level for more than a year*

There were, sadly, 40 new Covid-related deaths in the week-ending 20 November, down from 47 in the previous week.

This is the lowest level since early July 2021. The apparent dip in June 2022 and rise in July 2022, is a statistical blip cause by delayed recording of deaths.

TuS has asked Conservative Shadow Health Secretary, Sandesh Gulhane, to comment but he was too busy saving lives in his new scrubs.

4 thoughts on “Covid deaths in Scotland fall to lowest level for more than a year*

  1. Good news on deaths.

    However, it has been announced that the death of the “voluntary” Union, known as the United Kingdom, has now occurred.

    A zombie corpse in the form of “Greater England” has temporarily taken its place, accompanied by the slow drum beat of BritNat defeat and the blind, gloating pallbearers of the colonial media.

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    1. As I have said the SNP MSPs should just tell the media to take their questioning to WM in London, the, ‘sovereign’ parliament, then walk away. Offer to do interviews on BBC etc but refuse to answer any questions, and just repeat to talk to the sovereign parliament in London


  2. Good news. I’m still wearing two masks on the bus though from now on, Covid is nasty and this past few days has rendered me incapable of doing even the smallest day to day tasks, luckily my son made me a sandwich yesterday, I’d been unable to eat. It’s day six now, starting to feel a bit better. Take care folks.

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