Sarwar wins ‘Getting Nowhere Fast’ Award!

From the Herald’s Tom Gordonstoun today:

ANAS Sarwar has been named The Herald Scottish Politician of the Year Award for reviving the electoral fortunes of Scottish Labour on the local and national stage.

Stop it! I heard you snigger and guffaw. That’s not nice. The man’s doing his best.

The Herald must have had some evidence for that statement.

Let’s see, support in the polls for Holyrood elections?

So, really just attracting back socially and economically rightist, colonialist support from the Scottish Cons? In two years, after Rishi settles things down, they’ll go back if they think that’s once more the way to stop the SNP. Well, attracting? Rats? Sinking ships?

What about Westminster? Has he boosted support there?

Hmmm…did the Herald not think Sandesh Gulhane had done more for Scottish Labour?


3 thoughts on “Sarwar wins ‘Getting Nowhere Fast’ Award!

  1. Meanwhile “Sir” Keir Starmer has been named Politician of the Year by the Spectator and The Sun. He made a speech on immigration to the CBI which shocked members of that organisation, but gained praise from Nigel Farage. He praised the Supreme Court judgement and said Labour would not grant Scotland an independence referendum.

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    1. It’s all stitched up of course, England is a one party state and the media are all right wing. Channel 4 and the Guardian pretend to be leftish, but they are all anti Scotland and very anti SNP.

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  2. John, I can remember back in 2013/13 when they gave Johann Lamont the prize as debater of the year. Yes that Johann, the one who reckoned Scots were not genetically programmed to take decisions. Did her best to manage the Scottish branch office, but debater ¿????????????


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