9th sub-poll has Labour Scotland failing to catch up and SNP at 56%

Image: PA

From Deltapoll with a sample of 1 049 for 4-7 November, UK Labour have dropped from 58% to 47% and the Cons have climbed a bit from 25% to 29%.

In Scotland, with a sample of 90, the SNP are at 56%, Labour at 29% and the Cons at 7%.

Click to access Deltapoll-221107_voteint.pdf

Once more, small samples but that’s nine in a row with little sign of a Labour surge here and the SNP averaging around 50%.


3 thoughts on “9th sub-poll has Labour Scotland failing to catch up and SNP at 56%

  1. Dearie me ! Those darn polls !
    ‘Two Flags’ Starmer and his Scottish apprentice , Starwars , will have to double down on their Tory values if they are to sink Sunak in England .
    And in Scotland , perhaps they could ape Ian Murray and make Union Suits compulsory for all those Scottish (sic) Labour Party members who see him as the next Labour PM .
    They’ll need another Union Suit then , eh ?


  2. The Boundary Commissions are about to make a number of changes for the next general election.
    So far the media has contained very little other than that Scotland will lose two MPs, Wales eight and England gain ten.
    However the report on constituency boundary reviews and the number of MPs in the House of Commons Library (SN05929) contains a table that shows the overall effect of this review.
    There will be fifteen new constituencies with fifteen new MPs from south of a line drawn from the Bristol Channel to The Wash. Nine of these from London and the South East Region.
    As all reviews are based on population it appears that power is slowly and inexorably being transferred to south east England from elsewhere in the UK.


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