A National Care Service: Fresh reminders of Tom Gordon’s unreliable reporting

Tom Gordon, is at it again.

Fresh doubts over Sturgeon’s care service shakeup?

A tabloid approach going back centuries, undermining a policy development, carefully and with good intentions, developed by many political and academic figures, with politicised associations such as ‘Sturgeon’ or ‘Salmond’.

Calling it a ‘shakeup’ to imply no real philosophical basis.

Yesterday, the actual expert on these matters, Derek Feeley, Chair of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care, spoke to Holyrood’s Health, Social Care and Sport Committee.

He said that there were “huge opportunities” in the bill.

He added that it is “incredibly encouraging that we are having this conversation about human rights” when it comes to the Scottish Government’s approach to a National Care Service.

Most impressively, he said: “in Scotland, we could be way beyond what other countries aspire to”.

‘EXPERTS have challenged?’

Jackie Irvine, chief executive of the Care Inspectorate, told MSPs that leadership and engaging with the people using services were more important than structures.

The Care Inspectorate failed the many who died in the care homes by their lack of will, over years, to force the corporate homes to staff and to operate properly. They need replacing by an institution staffed by central government appointed inspectors who will be rightly feared by the owners and managers for whom profit is the overriding motive.

Irvine is not so much an expert as an interested party, appointed to her current post only in June 2022.

Claire Burns, director of the Centre for Excellence for Children’s Care and Protection, said there seemed to be a misleading assumption that structural change per se was beneficial.

Does the Scottish Government actually say structural change per se is beneficial? Aunt Sally? Straw Man?


3 thoughts on “A National Care Service: Fresh reminders of Tom Gordon’s unreliable reporting

  1. Are these critics of the SG’s Care proposals reading from Gove’s ”had enough of experts ” mantra ?
    Experts ? Pah !
    Let’s hear from the factually challenged Lisa Summers or the permanently miserable Baillie as they display their expert facility with smear , aspersion and slur .

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  2. Hm I’d have thought that how an organisation is ‘structered’, (which in my book would mean managed, organised, and having specific goals, standards, and monitoring), is paramount to the organisations aims and objectives, and to the deliverance of an effective service to the people it is meant to represent and support.
    Yes of course it should engage with people using the service. As for leadership, is an overpaid CEO really an effective use of public money, and how experienced and accountable should they be? They should be politically neutral in their work.

    Looks like the Scottish government have done their homework. It’s time for a structural change in care services and how they are delivered. Those who are attempting to undermine this much needed area of public services to be restructured, better organised, and based on what service users need, while engaging with the people it serves, do service users a great disservice. Their agenda seems to be political point scoring, demonising the Scottish government and another SNP bad strategy, it’s unprofessional, unhelpful, unethical, and an absolute disgrace.


  3. Ah, Tom Gordon.. Scotland’s native “Grinch” journalist, left ploughing this furrow alone (a long ditch absent promised Tory inhumations), doubtless encouraged by millionaires after HMS James Cook got pelters for their attempt at it and decided to withdraw in embarrassment, now promoting another millionaire’s interests with “DFM has ‘head in sand’ over state of NHS – Sarwar” to distract from Starmer’s car-crash BBC Scotland interview.

    The problem I have with Tom and Mr NonExistentEmails Cook’s approach is that neither recognise (beyond their own political bubble) that there has to be a better way to cushion the (bluntly) end-of-life experience other than arrangements where the “industry” asset-strips the old then funnel it to an offshore arrangement – Strikingly (thus far) there is no such transactional arrangement over birth, being born absent wallet or assets is the only explanation of morals changing at the end of life, CARE supplanted by profit.

    OT – Would any recognise the UK national impasse now reached over NHS staffing and pay from the BBC in Scotland etc output ?
    I suggest not, little wonder Scots have abandoned HMS James Cook as a propaganda outfit without an ounce of journalistic integrity to share between them….

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