Calls for UK Health Secretary to resign after pensioners given wrong flu jab

Spot the UK Health Secretary

Thanks to reader Scott for alerting me to this from the Daily Mail today:

NHS England is investigating a ‘potential serious incident’ after giving the wrong type of flu vaccine to some over 65s. A ‘small number’ of people who have received an autumn flu jab have mistakenly been given a standard egg culture influenza vaccine (QIVe), which is known to be less effective.

No UK newspaper, no BBC News region and no opposition politician has called for Steve Barclay to resign, so we’re calling for it in support of our readers in England.

Why Steve Barclay? Who is he? He might still be the Health Secretary for UK South.


2 thoughts on “Calls for UK Health Secretary to resign after pensioners given wrong flu jab

  1. ‘Flu jabs wrongly issued , A+E collapsing , ambulances waiting so long that MOTs run out , no GP services , huge increase in preventable deaths , …
    Thank God we don’t live in England says Jackie Baillie ( compassionate socialist ) , Sandy Gulhane ( famous for … ) and Lisa Summers ( Emeritus Professor of Knowing Everything about Everything at The BBC ) – but the Scottish Health Secretary should still resign – because !

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