Care expert: “In Scotland, we could be way beyond what other countries aspire to!”

Scotland’s MSM have, as expected, turned the plans for a national care service, in the wake of mass pandemic deaths due to corporate greed, into another opportunity to question the SNP Government’s competence.

The opposition parties with the GMB and Lisa Summers, above, have little positive to say about the plans and, so far, are giving no space to the actual expert on these matters, Derek Feeley, Chair of the Independent Review of Adult Social Care, who spoke to Holyrood’s Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, yesterday.

He said that there were “huge opportunities” in the bill.

He added that it is “incredibly encouraging that we are having this conversation about human rights” when it comes to the Scottish Government’s approach to a National Care Service.

Most impressively, he said: “in Scotland, we could be way beyond what other countries aspire to”.

There you have it, the news.


2 thoughts on “Care expert: “In Scotland, we could be way beyond what other countries aspire to!”

  1. Indeed, at this stage of development I’d be even more surprised if firm financial effects were known…

    It was particularly amusing to read the “Analysis by Lisa Summers” insert where she said ” We’ve heard a lot lately about record delays getting people out of hospital and how that leads to long waits in A&E” – Now where do you suppose that “heard a lot lately” originated ? Pacific Quay perhaps ?
    This for instance –
    Now compare the BBC Scotland version with Nick Triggle’s UK piece on the RCN possible industrial action – Not once are A&E waiting times mentioned, nor what the BMA had to say, nor comment from the Minister for Health nor the Finance Minister.

    It seems if you want to get information from the horses mouth you use the UK news, for the other end of the horse see HMS James Cook.

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  2. ”Care Expert ” giving his view based on having all the FACTS is one thing but that has to be weighed against the real experts , like Lisa Summers , who REALLY knows what is going on – yeah ?

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