Conservative Government ‘chooses strikes over patient health’ across some of UK

From the Guardian today:

The RCN said it had confirmed the dates after the UK government turned down its offer of formal, detailed negotiations as an alternative to industrial action.

“Ministers have had more than two weeks since we confirmed that our members felt such injustice that they would strike for the first time,” said the RCN general secretary, Pat Cullen. “My offer of formal negotiations was declined and, instead, ministers have chosen strike action.

Wes Streeting, the shadow health secretary, said: “Why on earth is the health secretary refusing to negotiate with nurses? Patients already can’t get treated on time, strike action is the last thing they need, yet the government is letting this happen. Patients will never forgive the Conservatives for this negligence.”

The Scottish Shadowy Health Secretary Sandesh Gulhane (0.1FTE) has said…eh…can nurses strike up here?


3 thoughts on “Conservative Government ‘chooses strikes over patient health’ across some of UK

  1. While Good Morning Scotland opened with a statement that nurses had ‘paused’ their strike action, while they considered an offer from The Scottish Government, they moved on quickly to emphasis that nurses in England, Northern Ireland and Wales would strike and then on to other strike actions being taken by workers in Scotland.

    I was surprised that the bulletin also included a piece about the Guardian article on “Baroness’ Mone, actually describing her as CONSERVATIVE peer!


  2. The Occupant ,10 Downing St. is no more than a bagman for The Occupant,1600 Pennsylvania Ave. who in turn is a bagman for faceless Neocons and Globalists or the 1% pulling the strings.
    The recent demise of the recent “Occupants” of numbers 10 and ,in particular ,11 Downing St. show that real power does not lie there.


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