Tory press rotten cherry-picking the stats to attack SNP


Despite restrictions, Scotland suffering higher rate of infection than England

Yes, yes, dears, the infection rate in Scotland having been lower than that in England since October 1st, started to climb above that on England on January 1st.

The current rates are 260.4 per 100K in Scotland and 251.2 in England.

Over the pandemic, Scotland’s rate has at times, but rarely, gone above that of England but, if we’re assessing the impact of measures, then the roughly 1 400 000 additional cases and more than 27 000 avoidable deaths, pro rata, might be more useful.

Also, Scotland’s 22% lower hospitalisation rate suggests more effective measures.


20 thoughts on “Tory press rotten cherry-picking the stats to attack SNP

  1. England doesn’t have, and never has had an effective system of testing far less tracing, nor do I think( personal opinion ) ever wanted one. £37 billion pissed up a wall somewhere tells you all you need to know about the English Govs intentions.

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  2. This is the same tactic used by Andrew Marr in his infamous programme, where he generalised from a brief period where Scotland had the highest fatality rate in the UK, despite the overall data for the period of the pandemic indicating that it was more than 30% lower than the rest of the UK.

    Similarly, while the first 10 days of January 2022 data might indicate a higher infection rate in Scotland (and, remember that because of the Christmas/New Year period, there were delays in issuing data in all four nations) during that period, the long term data indicate a markedly lower rate of infection in Scotland than in the other three countries.

    This begs the question as to why it is so important to the unionist media that more people are infected and/or die in Scotland than in the rest of the UK. The BBC Busines correspondent was ploughing the same furrow at the weekend in an interview with Humza Yousaf.

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  3. Hinging round Donald’s Neck

    “Bye Bye Freedom”

    could be it’s a freedom fighter bemoaning the Bill going through Wastemonster banning public demonstration. . . .

    or was it a brave journalist needing an anti sturgeon attack photo.


    1. Journo’s have form on this kind of thing!

      Remember during Indyref 1 a journalist strategically placed a white car covered in the Red Cross of England, then photographed lads wrecking it. . . . I don’t remember if he had paid them to do it?

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  4. Scotland average daily deaths per million is half of all the other UK nations.

    Is this the reason for the selective headlines foday on the average ‘number of cases per million’?

    The SG report, see the link provided in the BBC article, says..

    “Average daily deaths in Scotland (1 per 1 million population) in the week
    to 6 January were below all other UK nations (2 per 1 million each)”

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  5. First things first…the English press (yes, its English) is against Scotland and independence.
    That the articles we read have little connection with the reality we all live in is obvious, but……
    an obnoxious, misogynistic lying media is not all bad for the independence movement.
    It keeps us sharp.
    It stops complacency.
    It prevents “Scottish” Labour, Tory and Lib Dem parties growing up into REAL political opposition, because they BELIEVE the nonsense written——–
    so they remain inchoate political infants, always checking with “Mum” to see what they say is OK with her.

    Next time you accidently pick up a Mail, Telegraph, Times, Express or the “Scottish” press, thank your lucky stars they exist.
    In relation to Scotland:–
    They are so bad, they are GOOD!
    They make Pravda seem like the New York Times.
    When the referendum comes, “fact-checking” will destroy them, because they have nothing but fakery, spin and LIES.

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  6. Why do “journalists” not mention the possibility that people resident in England might be less likely to test and/or report a positive result? Or that such non-reporting in England is a possibility because financial support in England for people isolating or sick is less than that in Scotland?

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  7. Aye the orchestra is in full chorus now..
    Just watched a C4 interview with Nadhim Zahawi and was astonished by the sheer brazenness of it all, promoting the 5 day isolation because the US did so for entirely different reasons ? Ehm hello ?.
    In response to Johnson’s government having deliberately screwed up and England struggling, the only sensible voice was Pagel with the massive understatement over where England collapsing could have been, but, by “.. how plan to avoid that and tackle it”.
    From a Scottish perspective SG are trying to avoid the worst and tackle it, but the massed jibes and thrums of Scotland’s Pubic “Broadcaster” is building up to a head, steady Glenn steady, of steam in their determination to make it a 4-Nations FUp.

    The latest from Propaganda Quay is “Covid in Scotland: Restrictions are working, insists adviser” with comments open… 1,253 at only 3 hours old 🙄 Who knew so many genuine “Scotch innit” lived in Reading…

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  8. When I posted a comment on another statistic from the same Scottish Government report, whic the BBC chose to omit from its article (the report on the death rate in Scotland being one per million, while it was two per million in the other three UK nations) my comment received several down votes. The restrictions introduced at Christmas by the SG have resulted in a drop of 2,000 new cases per day since the sane time last week. With the other devolved governments bringing in restrictions they too will achieve a drop in the number of new cases. However, with the UK government having no restrictions, and England averaging one million new cases each week, Boris Johnson is on course to declare England as the first country in the world where Covid-19 is endemic.


    1. We are fighting against the combined mass of the UK state and media which means when it finally blows it will forever remind us what a string constitution actually means. Enough shit…

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      1. As I said in a previously posted comment, it is now not just the likes of the BBC.
        Various YouTube channels have gained in popularity over the past two years, posting their thoughts on articles from the MSM, (which ironically they say they dislike)
        A lot are videos that have been suitability edited, or articles that show a headline without context.
        The latest concern the arrests from Glasgow over new year and the Scotland Against Lockdown protesters.
        According to them this means that Scots are finally “waking up” and that Nicola Sturgeon is finished.
        A close eye needs to be kept on these channels as the have just as much of a (unfortunately) growing influence.

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  9. Johnston/Tories spent £3.7Billion on non scrutinised lateral flow contracts. Innovo. A US company. The tests are inaccurate. One average 60% accurate. The US Gov called them in. They do not use them.

    Averaged out Scotland has had less infection and less deaths pro rata. Better pandemic management,

    The pandemic management is the responsibility of the Westminster Gov. They were too busy trying to get Brexit done,

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  10. The reason Scotland currently has a slightly higher rate of infection than England is that London’s infection rate has plummeted having been the first part of UK to see high Omricon infection rates


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