By not following Scotland more than a MILLION in England are avoidably infected

…since the start of the pandemic. How is it case numbers are still so high?

A Business Correspondent meets Humza’s answer gleefully with:

Sure, the point being that Scotland being under much tighter restrictions than other parts of the UK, particularly when it comes to hospitality and we know the impact that that can have on jobs and the wider economic picture, so I wonder whether those restrictions are not just working.

Yousaf then presents the ONS ratios, 1 in 15 in England and 1 in 20 in Scotland but these are discounted as ‘controversial.’

Let’s be clear, over the pandemic, the infection rate in Scotland is 18 983 per 100 000 population and in England 21 455 ( So, for every 100 000 people in England there were 2 472 more cases.

Had Scotland’s pandemic been managed by the UK Government, 134 477 (2 472 x 54.4) more might have been infected.

Had England’s pandemic been managed by the SNP Government, 1 384 320 (2 472 x 560) fewer might have been infected.

I appreciate that other variables such as geography, age and ethnicity will have been influential but had it been the other way round, with Scotland more infected than England, such comments would be quickly condemned as excuses.


3 thoughts on “By not following Scotland more than a MILLION in England are avoidably infected

  1. Hardly surprising given London’s perspective a la England really…
    This morning I read the UK piece “Covid: UK records more than 150,000 deaths” and almost spat out the tea over the framing-
    “The UK is the seventh country to pass 150,000 reported deaths, after the US, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Peru”
    Populations in millions, 68 versus 331, 212, 1,380, 145, 128, and 33….

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  2. I had a peek at Dr. Campbell’s YT channel from England, yesterday, I was shocked. He still says the Omicron outcomes are ‘great’ and that ‘herd immunity’ is working. Did someone give him a pill that reverses a persons view and logic? He also mentioned deaths in England and Wales giving recent numbers, he forgot to mention Scotland’s recent numbers, maybe because they are significantly lower than Eng and Wales’. He also mentioned the 1/20 for Eng and 1/15 for Scotland infections, but said, so little difference there!
    I fear for freedom of speech in England, because this guy is well respected across the world and has ahuge following. Scary.


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