By not following Scotland, England had more that 27 000 avoidable Covid deaths

Still with that combined predatory-but-dim look, BBC Breakfast’s business correspondent asks the Scottish Health Secretary to comment on UK data. Yousaf is, of course, too polite and tasteful to ‘clarify’ things for him, on, for example the differing deaths rates in England and Scotland.

The death rate per 100 000 population, over the whole pandemic, is 181.7 in Scotland and 230.8, in England (, 49.1 more for every100 000.

Had Scotland’s pandemic been managed by the UK Government, 2 671 (49.1 x 54.4) more might have died.

Had England’s pandemic been managed by the SNP Government, 27 496 (49.1 x 560) fewer might have died.

Again, I appreciate that other variables such as geography, age and ethnicity will have been influential but had it been the other way round, with Scotland more infected than England, such comments would be quickly condemned as excuses.


6 thoughts on “By not following Scotland, England had more that 27 000 avoidable Covid deaths

  1. The rest of the UK has 120,000 austerity deaths. + unnecessary covid deaths. There are reports these deaths rates (pro rata) are the worse pandemic deaths in the world. The pandemic death rates in Europe are lower? The Tories totally mismanaged the pandemic to concentrate on Brexit. Another disaster.

    Vote Tory to die younger. The life expectancy rate in the rest of the UK going down. The first time in 40 years. Tory members male and over seventy. Average life expectancy 79 years. Women outlive men by 5 years worldwide.

    US 76. Spain 84. Mediterranean diet. Higher life expectancy rate in the world Japan 85. Diet fish and vegetables.

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    1. Yep. When Dr. Campbell interviewed a Dr. in Australia yesterday first thing she said was, ‘we have been able to control our borders and really keep numbers and deaths down to a minimum’.
      The UK is a dangerous ‘union’ to be a member of during a crisis like this.

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  2. There was an analysis carried out by a major international health organisation which actually put England’s deaths excess at over 30,000. I think the analysis was carried out by WHO but I cannot fully remember so I’d like any information people may have.


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