Scotland’s Covid death rate lowest in UK and cases reduce again

In a somewhat hurried update from your ‘trusted’ source, the Herald, today:

More than 12,000 new coronavirus cases further deaths have been recorded during the past 24 hours.

According to the latest Scottish Government figures, 12,602 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported since Friday.

Well, it’s not really that helpful is it?

First, what’s the trend for new infections? It’s down, for the 5th day with minor fluctuations, it’s down from 20 217 on the 3rd of January to 12 602 in the last 24 hours. Similarly, the 7 day average is down from 16 220 on the 3rd to 15 435 on Friday and will be lower again once calculated to include yesterday’s 12 602.

Second on deaths, yesterday’s 26 is high but is almost certainly due to delays in reporting and the rate in Scotland remains the lowest in the UK.

What might be influencing the trends? Scottish Government actions?

9 thoughts on “Scotland’s Covid death rate lowest in UK and cases reduce again

  1. I’m sure Glenn “We seek him here..” Campbell will have a cameo rehearsed for Mis-Reporting Scotland to refute that in his latest “in my opinion” piece, hinting that without BRITISH Army assistance none of this might be possible, “over to you Waura in Propaganda Central, blush, excuse me ha ha, the studio….
    Then everyone’s favourite hair-gel adviser and part time MSP and part time GP will feature with claims that the “secret statistics” obscure his wise counsel as a leading epidemiologist in much the same vein as his predecessor Doctor Laudanum better known by his pen-name Hugh..
    The Scotland media pack are in panic mode to demonstrate Scotland and thereby SG have failed and how glorious it is to see their comeuppance.

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  2. I note that the BBC News website is today reporting on a tragic milestone being passed on Covid deaths … in the UK. (Is there such a thing for the BBC as a ‘bad’ Covid milestone for England only?)

    The UK total for those dying within 28 days of a positive test has now exceeded 150k – as of 8 January the total is 150,057.

    The current total for Scotland is 9,931 so regrettably we may be learning of a Scotland milestone in the coming weeks or months – let’s hope not! England’s total fatalities to date is 130,493.

    It seems timely to offer some further perspective here. The UK government dashboard tells us that the rates of fatalities during the pandemic to date per 100,000 population are as follows:

    Wales = 209 per 100,000 population
    Scotland = 181.7
    NI = 158.6
    England = 230.8.

    Of the English regions, only the South West (at 148.1) has a lower rate than Scotland. Indeed, only the South West and London have rates below 200 per 100,000 population. The two highest rates in England have occurred in the NW and the NE, at 286.2 and 269.2 respectively.

    Using the other method of recording Covid deaths, namely a mention of Covid on a death certificate as a contributory cause of death, according to the UK government dashboard the rates per 1000,000 population to date are as follows :

    Wales = 288.2 per 100,000 population
    Scotland = 226.1
    NI = 209.3
    England = 259.4.

    Of course, this is not – should not be – a ‘competition’ other than with the virus but one can be damned sure based on bitter experience how the corporate media and BBC would use such data if the ordering was different.

    (For further perspective, the WHO is reporting that to 7 January 2022 there have been 5,952 deaths in Ireland.)

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  3. My cousin died from Covid-19 in November 2021. He had been in hospital in ICU since mid-October. He probably tested positive at the beginning of October then his condition deteriorated and he was taken into hospital.

    However you count it his death came more than 28 days after a positive test. Does that mean his death does not count in one set of figures- within 28 days of test – but will count in the other list – Covid on Death Certificate? Whatever the answer will we ever have an accurate count?

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  4. Stories appearing on Twitter that sometime in the next few weeks the UK Gov is going to start charging for lateral flow tests!!!!! The story will be on Times Radio at 10pm tonight apparently.

    Words fail me.

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    1. I saw that too. I also saw what seemed to be either a fake twitter account or they deleted it, some guy in England advertsiing that he had huge stores of LFT tests and you could buy them at a reasonable price, coming soon to a town near you.
      I wonder who he was, seemed dodgy and reminded me of the EngGovs’ dodgy PPE and test and trace contracts handed out. I wonder who will cash in on the LFT test kits, hmm.

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  5. Some statistics

    Deaths within 28 days of positive test

    UK Daily – 313
    UK Total – 150,057

    England – 130,493
    Scotland – 9,931
    Wales – 6,626
    N.Ireland – 3,007

    Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate

    UK Weekly – 591
    UK Total – 173,248

    The site says

    “There is a lag in reporting of at least 11 days because the data are based on death registrations.”

    Current data held for the nations is showing –

    England Total – 146,670
    Scotland Total – 12,356
    Wales Total – 9,136
    N.Ireland Total – 3,968

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  6. Off-topic

    Following the successful launch of the James Webb Telescope on the 25th December, and its full deployment just hours ago, I am wondering if BBC Scotland will now do a follow up to their report from January 2020 on one of the telescope’s four instruments..

    “A team of astronomers and engineers in Edinburgh have constructed an instrument that can look further back in time than ever before.”

    If not, why not?

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