Murdo Fraser still asking if multiple vaccines can lead to autism

Tories in turmoil over plan by leadership candidate Murdo Fraser to scrap  'toxic brand' - Daily Record
That tickles!!!!
Image: Daily Record

Claims of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism have been extensively investigated and found to be false. The link was first suggested in the early 1990s and came to public notice largely as a result of the 1998 Lancet MMR autism fraud, characterised as “perhaps the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years”. The fraudulent research paper authored by Andrew Wakefield and published in The Lancet claimed to link the vaccine to colitis and autism spectrum disorders. The paper was retracted in 2010 but is still cited by anti-vaccinationists.

Yet 10 years later, Murdo Fraser MSP, a lawyer, Rangers fan and self-reported thief of a Nelson Mandela plaque, was still in doubt.

And four years later still, he seemed unconvinced:

Why is Fraser so interested in this we wonder? Could this be the reason?

Autistic traits can help people gain and sustain power, and has probably done so throughout history, says the present paper. A number of testable claims follow from this assumption. First, the powerful should have more autistic traits than others – which they do appear to have. Among other things, powerful people, and those with many autistic traits, tend to prefer solitary activities and are often aloof. Moreover, they are often rigid and socially insensitive, low on empathy and with low scores on the trait of agreeableness – and as a rule they do not have many friends. Both groups are also more self-centered than others, more honest, less submissive, more sensitive to slights, and with a stronger tendency to engage in abstract thinking. They tend to behave in bossy or dominant ways, and their moral judgment is more based on rules than on feelings. In addition to experimental evidence, I cite biographies showing that a surprising number of presidents, prime ministers and other powerful people seem to have had traits like those in question.

Tories in turmoil over plan by leadership candidate Murdo Fraser to scrap  'toxic brand' - Daily Record

15 thoughts on “Murdo Fraser still asking if multiple vaccines can lead to autism

  1. “To ask the Minister if repeated exposure within Scottish Torydom to Murdo-Think*, leads to a vacant, vacuous and flaccid condition among its members–especially the elderly—known as Catatonic Stupor”?

    * an oxymoron.

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  2. This is such an insult to everyone on the spectrum and everyone with autism. It envisages the whole population. A complete disregard for the whole community and society. The total ignorance and arrogance is breath taking. More Tory votes lost. Medical research has disproved this suggestion without a doubt. To value people, diversity and equality.

    Akin to Young claiming additional needs funding for schools was a health problem and should be funded by healthcare. The absolute high of ignorance and arrogance. An insult to the whole society. Total ignorance of diversity and support.

    The Tory/Labour illegal administration. Ignorance beyond compare. Politician should be leading by example not alienating people.

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  3. What a fool of a man. Living in a vacuum. Fraser display ignorance and arrogant for all to see. Deja Vu. One catastrophe after another. Total Tory chaos. Trying to throw diversions. People are not taken in by it. Especially in Scotland.

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  4. Try the Chase. Murdoch could not answer a question. Like smart people on the spectrum with photographic memories and other smart attributes, Engineers, doctors, investors. teachers. Smart internet developers and £Billionaires.

    People on the spectrum have changed and shaped the modern world. Tories have tried to destroy it killing people. Wasting £Billions of public money and misappropriating funding. The corruption censored time and time again. The Ballot Box awaits. Fraser has never ever won a seat. Get a place in an institution the Tories want to destroy. Ignorant and arrogance beyond belief. I

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  5. This tells me that as a spokesman for his party his party is way outwith the spectrum of political competence. The work of the doctor, Wakefield, who was the key to this anti-vax movement has been discredited. Had it been discredited earlier my wife and I could could have saved hundreds of pounds (well for 6 grandchildren, thousands really) in travel and payment for 3 separate injections – measles, mumps and rubella.
    People likely to read this post should be aware that the work in the U.S. of Kanner has also been discredited. His work led to lobotomies being performed (no sick jokes about any Conservative MSP’s please) including in Scotland.

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  6. M. Fraser it seems is clutching at straws and yes attempting to create a sense of fear about vaccines. In the current circumstances of pandemic, he should be sacked really, his comments are unprofessional, irresponsible and out of order.
    He wastes our time and Scotland’s money.

    Gordon in his comments make good points about autism and the fact that it’s a wide and varied spectrum. One thing which I cannot abide is when people use it to make poiltical points (as if they care), or to attribute autism to either good or bad traits in people who mostly probably do not have autism, anyway. By what i have read and have experience of, people are born with autism, it’s not something they aquire after birth and not something which can be cured as is often the idea touted by some apparent scientists, especailly in the US.

    In fact I recently came to the conclusion that some forms of autism probably helped the human race to survive and expand. The more extreme end of the spectrum is very distressing and sad however, for the person and their families.

    This looks like a good article, there are many of course.


  7. Autism has been much abused and misunderstood throughout time, Ian Dury’s “Spasticus Autisticus” went some way in education, Temple Grandin celebrated in film another, but there is always that one plonker trying to game it it for his own advantage, lo the Turdo…


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