Carers pay: Millionaire shareholder in poverty wages firm blinds MSPs with his brass neck

glasgow times

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar is up out of his seat again shouting and pointing at the FM on an issue, carers pay, where the SNP Government is already doing better than Labour would.

Readers may remember Sarwar on low pay in 2017:

MILLIONAIRE Scottish Labour leadership contender Anas Sarwar is under pressure over jobs which were advertised at his family’s firm for less than the “real” living wage. Recruits were offered £7.50 an hour last month for a 45-hour week at the hugely-profitable United Wholesale (Scotland) Ltd, in which Sarwar has a multi-million pound stake. The low wage is less than the £8.45 an hour backed by anti-poverty groups. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also pledged to introduce a £10 an hour minimum wage if the party comes to power.

SNP MSP Clare Haughey said: “Despite his bluster, even employees of the Sarwar family firm don’t get a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. In practice Anas Sarwar’s style is more profiteering for the few, not the many.” In a statement, Sarwar said: “I am a minority shareholder in United Wholesale Scotland, not a director, and play no active part in the running of the company – and never have. I strongly believe all companies should pay the real living wage, and have received assurances that UWS has an ambition and desire to pay it.”

As for carers in Scotland, of course, they should be paid more but for a Labour MSP to be shouting about is both risible and ill-informed. See this from 4 days ago:

More than 90,000 people claiming Carer’s Allowance to receive double payment next week. Carer’s Allowance Supplement is paid in addition to the main benefit from the DWP.

Tens of thousands of unpaid carers will receive a double payment of the Carer’s Allowance Supplement next week under new legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament in October.

Recognising the additional pressures unpaid carers face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the winter payment of the Carer’s Allowance Supplement will be doubled to £462.80 and paid on Wednesday December 15, benefiting an estimated 91,000 people across Scotland.

The twice-yearly payment of £230 is paid in June and December in addition to the Carers Allowance, which is currently a monthly payment of £270 delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), to recognise the role carers play in society – the additional payments only apply to Scottish carers.


7 thoughts on “Carers pay: Millionaire shareholder in poverty wages firm blinds MSPs with his brass neck

  1. **********Breaking News******Shockeroony*********

    “Huckster Millionaire backed by Colonial Press”

    Read all about it……(but not on the BEEB)!

    Secret Santa brings Starwars Giant Brass Neck to wear—“fits you like a glove”, says DRossie—“wish I had one”!

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  2. Ah but one must assume that A Sarwar
    Has a strong and vested interest in ensuring that the pay of the employees of United Wholesale ( Scotland ) Ltd.
    Is maintained as low as possible and solely in the interest of profit and dividends payable to him and his family
    His words exit his mouth via a forked tongue

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    1. Sarwar is just another selfish troughing opportunist taking the rip out of the people of Scotland. He does not give a toss about the ‘workers’ or carers or anyone but his own selfish interests, that’s for sure. He could hardly be less worker friendly or socialist if he tried. Labour HQ’d in London operating in Scotland, take the people of Scotland for fools, well more fool them! People of Scotland are not that daft Mr. Sarwar!

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  3. Yes the carers allownace supplement is a massive help for unpaid carers. CA is insultingly low, at £66 a week and if carers are reliant on other benefits, their CA is removed £ for £ from those benefits. Keeping carers in poverty, it’s the Tory/Labour policy.

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  4. Sarwar is an oh so typical Labour millionaire politician who cares more for his Daddy’s independent homeland ( Pakistan ) than he will ever care for his adopted country of UK – not Scotland !
    He is a spiv politician who would have been at home in the back streets doing ‘deals’ in the war torn days of the 1940’s when his ‘devil take the hind most ‘ ethics would have been rewarded .
    And in war torn Britain there were even more ambulances to chase , Anas !!!

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