SNP leaves Labour in the dust as it fights poverty with progressive taxation

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They’re all over this. On the one hand the SNP is punishing you with tax increases and on the other, offering care workers a measly 48% pay rise. No thinking joined up there, ever.

There is no actual figure to justify the ‘biggest rise in a generation claim.’ What local party will try that knowing they’re out on their necks if they do?

‘Freedom to raise bills as much as they want?’ They want to stay in power.

After 14 years of freezing and limiting council tax increases, to control the free-for-all that Labour permitted for their pals in the councils, any increase will inevitably seem large.

What’s the other blow for families? Tax!

From the IFS in April 2021:

The Scottish Government has used its devolved tax and benefit powers to craft a more progressive system than is in place in the rest of the UK. On average, taxes are higher for high-income households, and benefits more generous for low-income [56%] households.

The budget this time continues in the same direction. Why?

Fighting poverty, investing in economic recovery and fighting climate change. Which of those do the majority of Scots not want their government to prioritise?

If they’re not popular, we’ll see the result in the polls. The last predicted a complete, 100% wipe-out of all the other parties to send 59 SNP MP’s to Westminster.


8 thoughts on “SNP leaves Labour in the dust as it fights poverty with progressive taxation

  1. Xmas cracker question………

    What does the Labour party stand for? Is it:–

    A. a progressive party.
    B. a socialist party.
    C. a party for working people.

    Answer–None of the above.

    It stands for stuffing your pockets (MP’s + MSP’s).
    It stands for ermine cloaks for all (the Labour politicians that is).
    It stands four square with its Tory Brothers in war, austerity and disempowering the electorate.
    It stands for a colony in Scotland–a country with NO RIGHTS.

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  2. gavinochiltree
    Re Labour and use of the word “Stand”
    May i ask how may such a word possibly
    Apply to Labour
    As it would appear that they are flat upon their back
    If not so definately upon their knees
    No matter what no way can the word Stand actually Stand

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    1. premieroneuk.
      When I use the word “stand”, I mean as Gorgio Ffoulksakia et al would “understand” the term…..

      “Stand at the bar”.
      “Stand your round”.
      “Stand in line for freebies”.
      “Stand posing for photos for the colonial press”.
      “Stand aghast at the SNP sweeping the “Brothers” aside in elections”.
      “Stand up for the ermine-clad OMERTA fraternity”.
      “Stand up horizontally when you legs are as rubber”.
      “Stand up clinging to an old dear, when your legs are rubber”.
      “Stand up punching a helpful bobby, when your legs are rubber”.
      “Stand up for bail money when your “boy” is an @rsehole”.

      Everything bar— Stand up for Jesus, the righteous and the downtrodden.
      I am, bye the bye, an agnostic.


  3. The Labour party is mainly a Unionist based movement, like others we could name. The SNP WAS the Scottish National Party… Yet, we who have ended our membership of that party are carefully considering what’s bound to be in place of what had been a very meritorious political movement!

    There’s needs to be some interesting and discrete movements in the process behind the scenes, however: “one can pass on responsibility, but not the discretion that goes with it”! I will CAREFULLY be assessing what Scotland’s politicians are doing henceforth and my vote will be for the most independence based politician(s)!

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  4. The SNP budget, along with the Scottish Greens by all accounts, pun intended, seems to
    be a fair and square deal under the circumstances. There was a good discussion about it with Andrew Wilson and Michelle Thompson MSP, over at Scotland at 7 yesterday, worth a watch. In fact counter to what I thought, and no credit due, the English government have condescended to raise the block grant ( SCOTLAND’S own money, crumbs they hand back after taking their cut, ie, most of it) not sure by now much, but M.Thompson says it could be well cancelled out due to the removal of the Covid recovery cash that was removed anyway.

    SNP need to point out that Labour during their TEN year tenure at Holyrood plunged Scottish councils into £billions of debt via their PFI scams, and that is still having to paid back to private companies.

    Also the Scottish government handed people on low incomes a small council tax rebate earlier this year, more ScotGov mitigating the English governments’ terrible cuts to the poorest, or rather, the people that they have made poor and try to keep poor. Nothing in the Scottish budget is unfair or damaging, and it certainly would not make me jump ship to any other party which work for and are controlled by the English government. There’s really nothing in this budget for the English parties in Scotland to whine on about, which must really stick in their craw, they must be squirming, with no cringe to fall back on! Ha ha!

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  5. It is noteworthy that the frothing-at-the-mouth is on behalf of HIGHER rate tax payers (such as I am). We are the MINORITY of taxpayers in Scotland, and, even with the tax deductions greater than equivalent earners in England, we are still able to maintain our lifestyle and, even, to continue to save and invest.

    Taxation is a way of redistributing money. However, there are other ways that should be deployed, too, such as a higher level for the living wage, increased payments to carers, people with children, people with disabilities, a universal basic income, free dental treatment, free public transport, etc.

    We also need land and wealth taxes and, if Council Tax is to be retained, the number of bandings to be increased so that it is much more progressive.

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    1. Indeed, well said Alasdair. What you point out in your second to last paragraph are things that the SNP are mostly already doing, and more. UBI could be very workable in an independent Scotland for sure. The one thing which Michelle Thompson pointed out and it’s something I have always thought about even in my ignorance of economics, when you put money into the hands of the people, they spend it, and if you do that for those who are low waged or no waged, they tend to spend locally as well. The English government take money out of the hands of the people especially the poor, take their disgraceful bedroom tax, when people cannot pay their rent to the council, that reduces council income, and local services are affected, all quite deliberate of course, a sort of circular economy Tory/Labour style. A very deliberate and vicious circle.

      Hopefully this budget goes towards making sure that the economy of Scotland keeps at a sustainable level, but Scotland has been and is having to function on a very unlevel playing field while in the so called UK, unfortunately.

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    2. Prior to my retirement I worked for a firm in England but based in Scotland and paid tax at the higher rate. My colleagues thought it highly amusing when the Scottish income tax rates were introduced with me paying a higher rate and with a lower threshold.
      However I was the one laughing once I had pointed out to them that for a couple of hundred pounds a year my wife and I got free prescriptions, eye tests, dental checkups and my bus pass to name the obvious ones. Plus more police so I don’t need a burglar alarm, lower Council tax, better NHS so I don’t need to go private,better education, free university tuition etc etc.
      IMHO It is an amazing package when you start to list it and once we have all the financial levers a more equal society is definitely achievable.

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