Hypocrite Sarwar only travels by car!

Two days ago we had a wee snigger at Anas Sarwar calling for Scottish ministers to hand back the keys their chauffeur-driven cars.

No surprise, he was being a big hypocrite again. Yesterday, in the National, we saw:

Millionaire, Sarwar’s double standards on the living wage are well known. See this:


3 thoughts on “Hypocrite Sarwar only travels by car!

  1. The twisted logic of New Labour where they think that leaders from wealthy privileged backgrounds can adequately represent working people.
    If you have never known hardship,how can you fully relate to it?


  2. I remember when his father, Mohammed Sarwar, was an MP. I was travelling to Edinburgh by train and he boarded at Queen St as I did. He sat beside me and two others in Standard Class. We were all strangers. We chatted amiably on the journey. He was naturally polite and seemed rather shy and had a respectful attitude. No one alluded to his status. At Waverley, we went our separate ways.

    I remember an interview with Jimmy Reid and in it he spoke of his friendship with Mr Sarwar senior. The impression he gave was of quiet dignity.

    I have never met his son.

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  3. His hypocrisy is only “news” if it makes the Brit Nat media outlets.
    Will Repressing Scotland run with this?
    How about the Hootsmon and Herod?

    Nope, only a colonial slant on news, worthy of a colony.

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