Different Scotland has 8% of the population but 25% of all the UK’s living wage employers

From Living Wage Scotland today

The real Living Wage remains the only rate independently calculated based on what people need to live on. Businesses in Scotland recognise the importance of a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work: Scotland’s 2,800 Living Wage employers account for a quarter of the total 11,000 accredited employers around the UK. Since 2011, the Living Wage campaign had delivered £365m into the pockets of workers in Scotland.  


So, Living Wage employers are THREE times more common in Scotland than in other parts of the UK. That’s a very big, statistically significant, variation. It’s the result, surely, of more than a decade of left-of-centre government by the SNP and, perhaps, an underlying culture which is more communitarian and less individualistic, than that in the South.

BBC Scotland are not covering this but going for the SNP unlikely to match UK tax cuts line.

It’s been some time since my last 8% of the population but far more of something good posts. To see the many earlier ones try this: https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/?s=8%25+

Footnote: Has Anas Sarwar’s mum’s business started to pay the living wage yet? https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2021/12/10/millionaire-shareholder-in-poverty-wages-firm-blinds-msps-with-his-brass-neck/


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